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Google adds so-called "Greeklish" transliteration support for Greek to Gboard

The latest buzzword for language input is transliteration. And, it's actually a pretty big deal. By typing the way something sounds instead of the way it's spelled, you can write in a language, even if you only know how to speak it. SwiftKey and Google have both been pushing the technology hard, and today Google has rolled out support for "Greeklish" or transliteration for the Greek language via Latin characters. 

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Gameloft Delivers Movie Game "Immortals" Unto The Humans; The NES Would Be Proud

Gameloft, the gaming studio behind such games as Modern Combat 2, N.O.V.A. 2 HD, and Asphalt HD, has recently released a new game for all you mythology and movie fans out there. If you're familiar with Gameloft's games, though, this may be a bit different from what you've grown accustomed to.

From the movie "Immortals", you play Theseus, a-hackin' and a-slashin' through all sorts of fun Greek and Roman mythology, including, but not limited to, minotaurs, titans, and generic disposable guys in strange armor holding swords. It's a side-scroller and, on top of what I assume is 100% historical accuracy, the graphics are reminiscent of games designed during that time period.

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