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Popular RSS app gReader vanishes from the Play Store

Android users have been able to rely on gReader to collect and manage their RSS feeds for years, but it appears that's over. The app disappeared from the Play Store without warning yesterday. Going to the URL only produces an error now. We've reached out to the developer but have not gotten a response.

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gReader RSS Reader Gets Its First Update In Eight Months, With Chrome Custom Tabs, UI Improvements, LG Multi-Window Support, And More

Since the fall of Google Reader and the rise of Feedly as its de facto replacement, gReader has risen to become one of the best options for RSS reading on the Play Store. That said, it's been quite a while since the app was significantly updated, or updated at all: before today, the last time the app was touched was back in August of last year. But today's update bumps it up to version 4.3.0 and adds quite a bit of new content, notably tweaks to the user interface, settings menu, and a host of bug fixes.

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gReader Gets Material Design And Lollipop Support In 4.0 Update, Is Actually Material And Still Has Customizable Themes

In a major update, gReader has given itself a brand new look in addition to support for Lollipop devices. Unlike many recent app updates that have claimed to add Material Design, gReader is not exaggerating in their claim; it looks very good. And, true to form, gReader has preserved the ability to customize its look with themes, so you can still make it your own.

view_menu-182x300 feedlist_sepia-182x300 home_card_green-182x300 podcast_play-182x300

gReader’s 3.x versions already had a fairly modern look, so it wasn’t a great leap to conform to Material Design guidelines. Nonetheless, when comparing the new and old look, the redesign looks far better.

And while this cannot be adequately conveyed through pictures, the 4.0 update really nails the animations that make Material Design more than just a color palette.

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gReader Hits Version 3.7, Brings New Themes, Custom Notifications, And More

Even though Google Reader has long been dead, many of the tools that remained in its wake are still going strong, and the way that most users utilized the tool has gone largely unchanged. The conversion to Feedly was a rather smooth one in my opinion, and integration with some of my favorite apps, like gReader, has been flawless.

Today, gReader received a rather significant update to version 3.7, which brings about many new changes and improvements, including a pair of new themes, custom notifications, better shortcut management, and several others. Here's a look at the full changelog:

What's New

gReader | Feedly | News | RSS
gReader | Feedly | News | RSS
Developer: noinnion
Price: Free

  • NEW: 2 new beautiful themes: Blue and Green
  • NEW: Custom notification for feeds (Pro)
  • NEW: Create shortcut for subscriptions/tags
  • NEW: Change settings in Tasker : Synchronization, Offline Usage, Notification, Theme
  • NEW: OPML Export (Manage Sources)
  • IMPROVED: RSS Reader (local) loading feed information
  • IMPROVED: OPML Import (RSS Reader only)
  • IMPROVED: Sort by feed now sorts like Manage sources
  • FIXED: Display issue on some websites (cache contents should be saved again)



If you're already a gReader user, head into the Play Store to grab the update.

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EverClip Clipboard Manager From gReader Creater Gets Updated With Text Expansion Capabilities

Text expansion saves time. It's really that simple. Rather than typing out a lengthy word over and over, like a regularly visited URL or an embarrassingly long middle name, save it as a text expansion so that pressing a few pre-determined characters will insert that word instead. Google's keyboard comes with this functionality available out of the box, as do some alternative third-party keyboards, but this requires commitment to one of these options.

Anyone looking for the freedom to use a keyboard without the feature, or the ability to leap around between them, can now consider the EverClip clipboard manager.

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Popular RSS/Feed App gReader Gets A Big Update To v3.6 With Offline Mode, New Widget Options, And More

One of the most popular feed reader apps in Google Play is undeniably gReader. It has survive the demise of Google Reader and is now riding high with a new update to version 3.6. This is a big one too – it contains some solid improvements, fixes, and new features.


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[New App] News+, From Developer Of gReader, Hits The Play Store With Loads Of Features And Multi-Service Support

We’re coming up on the 6-month anniversary of the shutdown of Google Reader; and while some people might still be a little jaded about losing the beloved service, most have moved on to one of the many alternatives that popped up to replace it. Several great feed aggregators exist, many offering innovative improvements over Reader, but their mobile apps may not fit your needs. The developer of gReader, noinnion, intends to solve that with the release of News+, a feature-rich and very customizable news reader app with support for several services.



Development on News+ started over 6 months ago, around the same time gReader added support for Feedly.

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Press And gReader Already Updated To Support Feedly Cloud

Well, that didn't take long. Feedly just announced its new Google-free back end this morning, and two of the top RSS apps in Google Play have been updated to support it. We might make it through the demise of Google Reader after all.

p3 p2 p1 

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gReader Developer Working On New App Called News+, With Extensions Supporting Multiple RSS Sources

In exactly two weeks, the bell will toll for Google Reader, taking down the infrastructure for quite a few popular RSS reader clients with it. But a few are sticking it out, including the developer of popular Android Google Reader client gReader. Noin Nion has decided to expand the basics of gReader into a new app, tentatively titled News+. The new app will add support for extensions synced to external multiple external sources, including Feedly; gReader is one of the launch partners for Feedly's new alternative backend.

Screenshot_2013-06-13-17-53-49 Screenshot_2013-06-13-17-52-51

Screenshots taken by a gReader Google Groups user.

But that's not all.

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gReader Gets A Makeover In The Latest Beta, Brings Holo To Your RSS Feed

It's no secret that we're big fans of gReader here at AP, and the latest beta makes us love it even more, as it brings a complete UI overhaul to the application. The dev has redesigned the app to follow the Android Design Guidelines, so it's all Holo-ed out. And it looks fantastic.

1[5] 2 3 1

As you can see, the new interface ditches the dark-ish theme to go with Holo light, which looks great and feels faster and more fluid. The overall layout of the app hasn't changed that much, with most buttons remaining in the same place as they were before.

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