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[Update: Taken down] Unauthorized GravityBox app listing pops up on Play Store

Most of our rooting and ROMing readers should be familiar with the name GravityBox, which is a set of tweaks that use the Xposed framework to modify AOSP-based ROMs with features and tweaks typically found in third-party projects—giving you ROM-like features while running stock, basically. Earlier today we were interested to see the tool had a listing on the Play Store, but after reaching out to GravityBox developer C3C076, we've learned it has no association with the project.

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GravityBox Dev Releases Marshmallow Version Of Xposed Module

Following the launch of Xposed Framework for Android 6.0 last week, C3C076 has just announced a Marshmallow-compatible version of his popular all-in-one toolkit, GravityBox. As with previous releases, GravityBox is available as a separate app for Marshmallow, so older versions will continue to be accessible to users on JellyBean, KitKat, or Lollipop.

GravityBox's Xposed module contains one of the most comprehensive set of tweaks out there, including adjustments to the status bar, lockscreen, launcher, dialer, QuickSettings, navigation bar, and much more. The new version does not yet include any new features, but that shouldn't be an issue to any of its fans who were patiently waiting for Marshmallow compatibility.

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Popular Xposed Framework Module GravityBox Updated To Work With Android 5.1

Xposed is a fantastic tool for modders whose phones aren't as popular as mainstream models and don't get as much ROM support, or if they simply want a few Android tweaks without flashing completely custom firmware. Unfortunately, both the Xposed Framework and the module you're using need to be updated with each major release of Android for the functionality to reliably work. That's now true for GravityBox, a popular collection of tweaks and mods bundled into a single module, and Lollipop 5.1.

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Well, sort of. In fact there's still no official 5.1 release for Xposed itself - you'll have to use this unofficial (but somewhat sanctioned) port.

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Popular Xposed Module GravityBox Has Been Released For Android 5.0 Lollipop

Just about a week after the public release of the Xposed Framework for Lollipop devices, we are now privy to one of the best and most popular modules, GravityBox. And, like the framework, the developer of GravityBox is calling this version an alpha release. Still, those of you with Nexus devices are going to be very excited about this one.

For the unfamiliar, GravityBox is an Xposed module that offers a wide variety of tweaks for AOSP-ish ROMs. The idea is to make custom ROMs, like CyanogenMod, unnecessary. Even better, the user can have more control over the modifications. You might like one feature of OmniRom but not another.

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GravityBox Xposed Module 3.2 Brings Heads Up Notifications And More Goodies To Rooted Users

Last year we told you about GravityBox, easily one of the most complete and far-reaching Xposed modules for rooted Nexus and AOSP ROMs. The creator is still expanding the module, and has quickly incorporated the Heads Up notifications recently featured in CyanogenMod nightly builds. Heads Up notifications pop up for easy viewing and action while in full screen mode. The feature is hidden deep in Android 4.4 code, and easily enabled here.

The GravityBox implementation allows for deciding which notifications will appear as Heads Up windows and which will be ignored, and users can expand notifications (if supported) with a two-finger swipe.

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