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Google Play Music subscriptions are failing to auto-renew for some

Holding onto a grandfathered Google Play Music subscription has become a badge of honor for many, but a hiccup in billing may require that you double-check that it's still active. There have been a growing number of reports that accounts with the original $7.99 Play Music subscription haven't auto-renewed this month. Some people are able to restore the subscription easily enough, and others may have to reach out to support to get things corrected.

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A brief history of Verizon's hatred for unlimited data

Unlimited data is back at Verizon. There's much merriment to be had throughout the land, as data-hungry power users once again return to their streaming music and video services without fear of sudden charges or slowdowns. It's been over five years since Verizon cut off access to unlimited data, and the number of customers hanging on to their grandfathered unlimited plans has dwindled down to a few grizzled veterans. It's a good day for wireless customers.

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AT&T Will Raise The Price Of Its Grandfathered Unlimited Plans From $30 To $35 A Month Starting February 2016

Mentioning the words "unlimited" and "AT&T" in the same sentence around the wrong person is bound to draw out a long diatribe of grievances and outrage. I was promised unlimited, not 5GB and a middle finger. AT&T has been throttling existing customers ever since it discontinued unlimited plans in 2010. One thing it hasn't done, however, is raise the price.

Well, you can now check that off the list. AT&T will increase the price from $30 to $35 a month.

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If You Currently Have The Discounted Play Music Plan ($7.99), You Get To Keep That Rate When YouTube Red Launches

Starting on October 28th, YouTube Red will let folks in the US start watching all the movie trailers, phone reviews, music videos, epic fails, adorable babies, cat clips, and rants they've been consuming for years, sans ads. In exchange, viewers hand over $9.99 a month instead, or $15 if they have a Play Music family plan.

Unless, it turns out, you're one of the early Play Music subscribers. Google is sending out emails to folks who hopped on board in the early summer of 2013 to inform them that when they are transferred to YouTube Red, they will get to keep their discounted $7.99 rate.

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Verizon Wireless Says It Won't Be Throttling Unlimited Data Users After All

Back in August, Verizon turned heads when it said it would begin to use "Network Optimization" for those few customers still on the old unlimited data plans. In layman's terms, it meant that Verizon intended to throttle the speed of the top 5% of unlimited data users on LTE networks, something that's already in place on the carrier's aging 3G system. But today, the very first day that the policy was set to go into practice, the company seems to have backed down.

An official statement given to Droid Life explained in no uncertain terms that Verizon will not be optimizing its LTE traffic for unlimited customers.

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[Update: Verizon Clarifies] Verizon Will End Unlimited Data Grandfathering If You Buy A 4G Phone From This Summer Onward

Update: In response to the rather vocal outcries of many of its subscribers on the web, Verizon has clarified what will happen to 3G/4G data plans explicitly. The takeaway is this: anyone purchasing a smartphone from this summer forward on subsidy pricing will be pushed into tiered/shared data. If you choose not to buy a smartphone on subsidy, you can keep your unlimited plan if you choose to.

This means if you renew your 2-year agreement, from this summer forward, on any line by buying a "discounted" phone, you lose unlimited.

Here are the exact statements:

  • Customers will not be automatically moved to new shared data plans.
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