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New GPS chips in 2018 smartphones will help you avoid that 10 mile detour after a missed turn

It's crazy to think that before smartphones were a thing we had to rely on actual physical maps or our own sense of direction to get around on foot, or our satnavs in our cars. We probably take for granted quite how amazing it is that we can whack an address into Google Maps and it'll plot the ideal route from our current location. This is only possible because of the GPS capabilities of our smartphones, and it's set to get even more accurate in the next generation of smartphones.

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Google's new Visual Positioning Service will guide you through indoor locations

We are all familiar with GPS. It has been guiding us to our destinations for years. But what happens when you arrive and you need to find a specific store in the mall or a specific item in a grocery store? Google will have you covered with a new technology it announced today called "Visual Positioning Service" or VPS. This technology builds on the idea of augmented reality tightly coupled with real world information. It will look for distinct visual features in your environment to create a map of the location using only the camera on your phone.

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PSA: Google Photos Might Dip Into Your Location History To Retroactively Tag Photos Without Other Location Info

Google really wants the snapshots you take to have as much contextual information associated with them as possible. So much, in fact, the the Google Photos app can dip into your phone's location history (not just the GPS or other location data supplied by the camera app at the time of the shot) to tag it. At least one Android Police reader noticed that some of his photos had been amended with location data, despite the fact that he says he never turned the Save Location option on in the camera app.

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Waze Has Expanded Speed Limit Testing To Parts Of The US

Waze can tell you how to get where you're going. At the end of last month, it started telling people how fast to go on the way. These speed limit notifications were only supported in certain countries, of which the United States was not one.

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Waze Now Notifies You If You're Going Over The Speed Limit In Certain Parts Of The World

Millions of people turn to Waze as their go-to navigation app. It tells them not only how to get to their destination, but how to avoid the cops in the process. Now it will also let users know when they've crept over the speed limit.

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GPS Status & Toolbox Gets An Update To v6.0 With Better Sharing, In-App Pro Upgrade, And Fake Material Design

GPS Status & Toolbox is a very popular app with tens of millions of downloads. It's a useful way to test your device's GPS functionality, but it's also ugly. The app was just updated to v6.0, and the changelog says it includes material design, but it's not very material at all. Luckily, there are some other things in this release too.

2015-11-30 17.17.38 2015-11-30 17.17.47 2015-11-30 17.17.56

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Play Store v5.9 Begins Preparation For Android 6.0, Adds Support For Fingerprint Readers, An Uninstall Manager, And More [APK Teardown + Download]

A late afternoon update to the Play Store just hit the scene. While we've only witnessed a single new dialog box in the live app, there are plenty of things standing out from a teardown. Preparation for Android 6.0 is clearly a big part of this release as signs pop up for support of the new optional permission model and fingerprint readers. There is also an uninstall manager in the works for those times when you've run out of space. We can also look forward to a new interface for requesting refunds and an option to get very precise recommendations based on location.

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HERE Maps For Android Update Brings New Contextual Menu

When HERE Maps launched a new beta program back in July, the first major feature was a new contextual menu. Whenever you long-pressed anywhere on a map, four bubbles would pop up that offered information on the location, the option to share, the ability to pull up directions, and the choice to immediately start navigation.

Now that feature has hit the stable version of HERE Maps.

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Sygic Offline GPS Navigation 70% Off For A Limited Time [Sponsored Post]

Most of the time, Google Maps is great. You know when it's not so great? When a data connection isn't present. In fact, it's basically useless without some form of data. If you're ever in a situation where you're 1) low on data, 2) without a connection, or 3) roaming, and need to find a way to get from A to B, then a good offline solution is clutch.

One such solution is Sygic GPS Navigation, which is currently on sale for up to 70% off. The best deal is by far the World package, which is currently going for $37.49 USD - a savings of about $87.

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Waze 3.9.4 Brings Traffic Bar, Better U-Turns, Speed Improvements, And More [APK Download]

Waze has bumped its Android app up to version 3.9.4, and it's asserting that the app is faster. How much faster? 85%. That's an oddly specific number, but whatever. All that matters is that users should be able to pull up locations and routes more quickly.

The big feature in this release is the new Traffic Bar. This little meter gives you an estimate of how long you will be stuck in a traffic jam.

Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 3.47.31 PM

When there are multiple ways to get from point A to point B, sometimes it would be nice to know which way you're going when setting off on a trip (especially if you're trying to avoid the aforementioned traffic jams).

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