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'Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle' is the perfect game to play today

You may not have noticed in the rush of your weekday routine, but today is Friday the 13th. So what better day is there for the creators of the popular serial killer puzzle game Slayaway Camp to release their latest horror-filled puzzler Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle? Surprisingly the studio somehow gained permission from New Line Cinema Productions to use the Friday the 13th license, which means you can expect to stalk and slay human prey as you take on the role of the infamous Jason Voorhees.

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[New Game] Super Falling Fred Brings More Speed, Traps, And Blood Than The Original Game

Man, this guy just can't catch a break, can he? As if there wasn't enough blood shed from our favorite death-defying ginger in the original Falling Fred and Running Fred after that, he's back for a third round in Super Falling Fred. Like the first, your goal is to make it from the top of a rather large shaft to the bottom without getting sliced by lasers, smashed by chomping doors, or impaled by giant spikey rollers.

The new version includes new traps, upgradable skills, and brand new avatars. If you feel like the red-headed victim has had enough, you can take out your frustrations with a sparkly vampire, an androgynous pop-star, a guy that doesn't seem to think that Cleveland rocks all that much, or Cameron*.

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Gears And Guts Goads You To Grind Zombies Into Goo With Your Gas Guzzling Death Wagon

When you're creating a game, there are a few key things you need to include: a good atmosphere (be it an intriguing story or just some wildly immersive effects), good gameplay mechanics, and a good hook. What's going to grab the users' attention? Well, for Gears and Guts, all three of those requirements can be summed up with "driving cars into zombies." Oh, and did I mention there's a sweet soundtrack to go along with it?

This game ditches any attempts at a story and simply plops you down in a nice little town that's being overrun by the undead, hands you the keys to a muscle car and says "Now have fun."

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[New Game] Running Fred Pits You Against A Gauntlet Of Gory Death Traps As You Flee From The Grim Reaper

Begin with a Sonic the Hedgehog base. Add some splatter cinema, mix in a bit of parkour, garnish with an electric guitar and serve free. That's the recipe for Running Fred, a runner game starring a ginger down on his luck named Fred who's being chased by Death. Death's pretty cool about the whole killing Fred thing, though. He provides you a nice tutorial and even gives Fred the chance to escape. If he can survive the gauntlet of brutal traps, that is.

As you run through the various dungeons, you collect coins that allow you to purchase upgrades, abilities, and costumes.

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