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GoPro announces the Hero6, updates Android app with support


GoPro has become the dominant name in action cameras with devices like the well-reviewed Hero5. Today, the company has announced the brand new Hero6, and its Android app is already updated with support. There's no need to wait—the camera is available for purchase right this minute.

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GoPro app updated to v4.0 with new 'QuikStory' video feature

GoPro cameras are designed to go wherever you go, shooting video the whole time. That can mean a lot of video, and editing video can be a pain. The latest version of the GoPro app has something to ease the burden; it's called QuikStory. You press a button and the app spits out a compilation of your clips, ready for sharing.

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Samsung's new Gear 360 camera is available today for $229

Back in March, Samsung announced the successor to its popular Gear 360 action camera. The GoPro competitor won many fans with its ability to record video in 360 degrees via two fisheye lenses. The 2nd generation version promises more of the same, but with 4K video recording plus a smaller, lighter frame. Samsung has now released the device in the US and it's available for $229.

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Google unveils new YI HALO VR camera for their Jump platform

Back in 2015 at I/O, and just after announcing Cardboard, Google rolled out Jump. At the time the hardware that accompanied it was the GoPro Odyssey, a big circular contraption containing 16 GoPro cameras. It was meant to make recording in 360 degrees for VR purposes a bit easier, both logistically and in terms of the tools and software needed. Don't be too surprised if that flew under your radar at the time; there hasn't been much in the way of news from Google about Jump since then (though there was a cool WebVR film announced a few days ago that used it).

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Yi 4K Action Cam review: GoPro should be worried

A few weeks ago I wrote a preview article introducing the Yi 4K action camera. The upstart Chinese company has boldly promised that their top of the line $249 action cam can outperform the GoPro Hero4 Black (the Hero5 Black had yet to be announced when I began testing) which sells for $100-150 more.

That's a pretty bold statement considering that GoPro is a name synonymous with action cams, so much so that many people call any action camera a GoPro. I've spent the last few weeks testing that claim, and you know what, the Yi 4K is not as good as a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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First Look: The YI 4K Action Camera – nearly identical specs as the GoPro Hero4 Black for half the money

Few would argue that GoPro is the king of the action camera world. It's the brand of choice for professional film crews and amateur enthusiasts alike and dominates the competition in terms of market share and brand recognition. GoPro's current flagship model, the HERO4 Black, is touted by many as the best action cam on the market.

A couple of weeks ago, asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new GoPro competitor, the YI 4K Action Camera. They claim that it matches or beats the GoPro HERO4 Black in almost every way for just a little more than half the price ($250 vs $449).

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GoPro's Quik Video Editor Comes Out Of Beta, Available For Everyone Now

GoPro acquired iOS video editing apps Replay and Splice at the beginning of March and was quick to develop an Android version of Replay, which it renamed Quik and released as a beta a couple of months ago. Now the app is shedding the beta tag and getting its first official public release for everyone on the Play Store.

Quik lets you select photos and videos from your device's storage or Google Photos library, then it analyzes them and automatically trims the best moments from videos and focuses on faces to reframe photos. You can still do that manually though if you prefer. Quik

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Video Editor 'Replay' Comes To Android Following GoPro Acquisition, But It's Now Called GoPro Quik

GoPro promised it would bring the popular video editing app Replay to Android when it acquired the developer a few weeks ago, and it's here already. However, it's only available in beta, and it's not called Replay anymore. Say hello to GoPro Quik. The app must have been pretty much ready to go because there's still some Replay branding in the screenshots.

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GoPro Acquires Popular iOS Video Editing Apps Replay And Splice, Plans To Launch Android Versions Later This Year

These days, GoPro is the king of the hill for action and aerial photography. Sure, you could wrap some tape around your phone and send it up on a quadcopter or toss it into a sandwich bag and hope it doesn't spring a leak at the bottom of the pool, but those are terrible ideas—seriously, don't try them. Since you won't be putting your phone (or tablet) through near certain destruction, why not use it instead to edit those great videos? GoPro announced that it has acquired popular mobile video editing apps Replay and Splice. Both apps are currently iOS exclusives, but the company has plans to bring them to Android later this year.

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GoPro App Updated With Clip Sharing From The Camera And Improved Software Updates