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AT&T PREPAID is the new GoPhone, and you can get two free months of service after 12 months

The GoPhone brand made its public debut back in 1987, but after 30 years, AT&T has retired it in favor of a simple "AT&T PREPAID." And to go with this name change, the Death Star is offering up two free months of service for new lines on its 6GB and unlimited plans after 12 months of service.

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AT&T now offering unlimited data plans on prepaid GoPhone lines, but there are plenty of other limits

It has traditionally been impossible to get an unlimited data plan on prepaid service, but AT&T has just rolled out that very thing. GoPhone customers who want to use a lot of data can do so for a mere $60 per month. If that sounds like a good deal, get ready for the catch. This is basically the throttled Choice "unlimited" plan AT&T offers as a budget option for post-paid lines.

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AT&T GoPhone plans will have more high-speed data, starting Friday


AT&T announced today that customers on their GoPhone $45 and $60 monthly plans will have a greater LTE data cap, starting this Friday (November 11). The plan prices already go down to $40/month and $55/month after enabling AutoPay.

The $40/month plan will now get 4GB of LTE data, up from the current 3GB. The $55/month plan is jumping up to 8GB of LTE data, previously only 6GB. After you run through that, you will be limited to 128kb/s speeds. Both plans have unlimited talk and text in the United States and rollover data.

AT&T is also offering deals on GoPhone-compatible devices. You can get a ZTE Maven 2 for free (from Nov 11 until Dec 31) when activating a new line and paying $30 for the service.

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AT&T's New GoPhone, The LG Phoenix 2, Has Marshmallow And Only Costs $100

I like budget phones. I especially like those that still let me run the latest version of Android. It looks like AT&T's upcoming GoPhone from LG may be one to add to that list.

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AT&T Announces The GoPhone-Exclusive Galaxy Express Prime And Galaxy Express 3, Along With The KNOX-Equipped Galaxy J3

The high-end of the market attracts all the fame and glory, but millions of people are carrying around prepaid low-end phones in their pockets. And these days, the low-end of the market isn't what it used to be. Android enthusiasts will know that phone you pulled out isn't top-of-the-line, but the average person will think that 5-inch 720p display looks pretty snazzy.

AT&T is introducing two new Galaxy phones for its GoPhone line.

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AT&T Bumps Up The 4G Data Allocation On Its Prepaid GoPhone Plans

Sometimes US operators do nice little things to brighten up your day. Sure, they're still making a ton of money out of your contracts or prepaid plans, but they'd still like to keep you as a customer so they have to make improvements and additions to their offers to do so. So is the case with AT&T's latest update to its prepaid GoPhone plans.

Prior to January 8, GoPhone customers had 3 plans to choose from, all with unlimited talk and text in the US and unlimited messaging to Canada and Mexico. The $30 base plan didn't have any included 4G data, but the $45 plan had 1.5GB and the $60 had 4GB (both had a few more perks like unlimited 128kbps data after the allocation is used).

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The New Asus Zenfone 2E Is Available Today On AT&T GoPhone Service, Priced At $119.99

Asus has seen some success with the budget-oriented unlocked Zenfone 2, and now a less expensive variant of the device is coming to AT&T as a prepaid GoPhone. The Zenfone 2E keeps many of the design cues from the Zenfone 2, but pulls back on the spec sheet a bit.

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AT&T To Provide GoPhone Plans With More Data, Give $60 Plan Unlimited Calling To Mexico Starting February 20th

AT&T is making a bold move for the Mexico market, buying the country's third and fifth largest carriers earlier this year. With these acquisitions, the carrier enhanced its World Connect Value plans with unlimited calling to Mexico. Now it will soon bring the capability to its $60 GoPhone plan.

AT&T is bumping its $45 GoPhone offering up from 1GB to 1.5GB a month and the larger $60 plan from 2.5GB to 4GB. Only the latter will support unlimited calling to Mexico, but the former does still come with unlimited texting to our southern neighbor. Changes will take effect on February 20th.

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AT&T Continues Its Niche Hardware Streak With The ASUS PadFone X Mini, Coming October 24th For $200 Prepaid

Some Americans waited literally years for the weird and wonderful PadFone series to show up on a local carrier... and were finally unsurprised to see AT&T be the only one to bite. (Seriously, between all that Amazon and HTC hardware, AT&T seems like the only American carrier willing to take a little risk.) Now AT&T and ASUS are teaming up again for the slightly smaller version of the phone-tablet docking concept, the PadFone X Mini.


If you don't remember this particular iteration of the PadFone (and we don't blame you, there have been a few), it's the one with a vertically-oriented 7" tablet "dock" instead of the more conventional full-sized tablet form factor.

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