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Google’s non-existent developer support


AutoVoice Assistant Action back in English

Google has taken down the Assistant-integrated AutoVoice Action again, for the second time in a year. This time, the company claims the action "promotes content that advocates hate or violence or promotes discrimination," apparently because someone in Germany stringed together a clearly custom command that made the Assistant spout off some hate speech.

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Slide for Reddit back on the Play Store after Google admits mistake

The popular open-source Reddit client Slide for Reddit is now back on the Play Store after being mistakenly pulled by Google on July 9th. The company initially claimed that the app violated the Play Store's "impersonation" policy. However, upon further review, the app was found to be compliant with Play Store policies, and the app's listing was reinstated today.

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Slide for Reddit returns to Play Store, single word in app listing's screenshot blamed for removal (Updated)

Slide for Reddit is a reasonably popular third-party, cross-platform, open-source Reddit client. In my humble opinion, it's the best one out there (don't @ me), but fans of the app may have noticed that it disappeared from the Play Store in the last couple of days. It turns out, the developer ran into a small problem with the app's rating, which, thanks to Google's stereotypically terrible developer support, quickly exploded into a full-blown suspension of the developer's account. (Update: And now it's back on the Play Store.)

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