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Coronavirus helped Google Classroom surpass 50 million downloads

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most schools and universities around the world have had to close. Institutions have turned to services such as Zoom and Google Classroom, which have skyrocketed to being the most popular ones on the Play Store. Google's service has become so famous that it just passed 50 million downloads.

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Here’s how Google is helping with coronavirus information and education

Google's apps and services are among the most-used in the world, so it's no wonder that people turn to the company when they want to find out more about the coronavirus pandemic. In order to suppress misinformation and help its users find trustworthy sources, Google took a lot of measures, including a COVID-19 website created in cooperation with the WHO and the CDC and many editorialized search results in all products. While it's pretty easy to spot all of this information yourself while you're using Google apps, we'd still like to give you a broad overview of some of the measures.

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Get two Google Homes and a Nest Mini for an insanely low $99 ($148 off)

Being quarantined might make you realize you're missing a couple of smart speakers at home. Whether you want to set up a new infrastructure or extend the existing one, this insane deal lets you grab three speakers for just $99. The package includes two Google Homes, as well as a free Nest Mini, which would typically cost $247 when sold separately.

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Google is probably cancelling its annual April Fools jokes this year

April Fools has always been intertwined with the internet, and no company has embraced it like Google. It has long created fun, wacky gags each April, but it won't do that this year, according to a new report. An internal email from Google marketing boss Lorraine Twohill allegedly says Google is playing it straight on April 1st, 2020 out of respect for those fighting the coronavirus.

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Google pledges $800 million to coronavirus causes

The US Government may be paying out $2.2 trillion as part of the recently-approved relief bill, but Google is also stepping up to the plate to help — admittedly, in a smaller way. The company is pledging to hand out over $800 million to help support organizations and businesses affected by coronavirus, including $250 million to the WHO and other government agencies, $200 million for NGOs and financial institutions, and a substantial $340 million Google Ads credit for small and mid-size businesses.

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MotoGP20 and Monster Jam Steel Titans get ready to race their way onto Stadia

Slowly but surely, Google is filling in the content gaps in its Stadia game-streaming platform. Last year's release of GRID was a nice addition for fans of racing games, and now Stadia will soon have a few more racing titles: MotoGP20 and Monster Jam Steel Titans.

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Coronavirus has upended the Play Store top app charts — here are the winners and losers

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in many ways, including how we work, study, or even communicate. This is even visible when you look at the apps people download on their phones, as some have become indispensable these days. We've analyzed top app charts from last month and compared them to today's to see how they've evolved, and some of the results are interesting.

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28 temporarily free and 57 on-sale apps and games for Friday

Welcome to Friday, everyone. The past two weeks have seen a crazy amount of sales, and today things appear to be finally coming down, and yet I still have some awesome sales to share today. Most notably, the gorgeous puzzle adventure game Monument Valley 2 is being given away for free for the next seven days. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the sales for the games Carcassonne and Little Inferno. As always, I've highlighted all of the interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier. So without further ado, here are 28 temporarily free and 57 on-sale apps and games for the end of the week.

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Google Drive adds support for file shortcuts (Updated)

Cloud storage services like Google Drive have made collaborative work massively more convenient, and soon(ish), it'll get even better: Google will begin testing file shortcuts in Drive over the next few weeks.

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Google Duo increases group calling limit to 12 participants

To stop the current coronavirus pandemic, we all have to stay home and avoid meeting friends and family. Sadly, it's not necessarily easy to keep in touch with loved ones, but video calling services like Google Duo help alleviate this issue. The system had a limit of up to eight participants until now but has just raised it to twelve, allowing for larger virtual gatherings during the pandemic.

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