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Google Pixel 5: Pricing, specs, release date, images, and everything else we know

Google's Pixel 4a has landed, and now our sights are firmly set on the flagship follow-up to last year's Pixel 4. But 2020 has been a year of change for Google and the Pixel lineup, and that extends to the Pixel 5. The details that have leaked so far would sound ridiculous in 2019, but so far as we know, they're all true.

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Google Maps speed limit coverage upgraded in US and 17 other regions, downgraded in 100 others

Google will usually adjust its Maps speed limit support for a handful of countries every so often. Last we saw, Google had upgraded it in nine regions, but downgraded it in nine others. This time around, many more regions are involved — 18 regions, including the US, have had their speed limit coverage improved, but a whopping 100 others have had theirs worsened.

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G Suite accounts are slowly getting new Gmail experience with bundled chat, video, and files

A month ago, Google announced that it would turn Gmail for G Suite into a hub encompassing all of Google's productivity platforms, with access to videoconferencing, chats, Docs, and more collaboration tools. The company is now ready to roll out this experience to the web and Android. It's expected to hit all domains with Chat preferred enabled by September 15.

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Play Music is dying, and some people still can't make YouTube Music their default provider in Assistant

Play Music will disappear over the next few months, starting with South Africa and New Zealand in September and the rest of the world following in October. While YouTube Music (YTM) is already an almost full-fledged (albeit quirky) replacement in the US and many parts of Europe, the same can't be said for some other countries. In some, YTM isn't available as a default music provider in the Assistant, and there's no proper voice control for Google's latest streaming service, either.

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TikTok went behind Google's back to collect users' MAC addresses for over a year

TikTok has seen its fair share of trouble in recent weeks, from a potential presidential ban to a competing product from Instagram. But the company isn't out of rough waters just yet. A new report claims that TikTok has collected unique identifiers from millions of Android users in a move that goes directly against Google's policies for app developers.

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13 temporarily free and 31 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday, everyone. After a strong start to the week things have calmed down, but I still have a few noteworthy sales to share with everyone today. First and foremost, Root Explorer is on sale today, which is a fantastic file explorer for root users. If games are more your interest, then you can pick up the colorful puzzler Railways at a steep discount as well as the meditative adventure game EQQO. It would also appear that TAITO is offering a bunch of sales on its arcade games, such as Space Invaders and Raystorm. As always, I've highlighted all of the interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier.

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Google Assistant sings a song to remind you of the benefits of wearing a mask

Google has always been interested in making Assistant more than just a task-completing robot, even recruiting writers from companies like Pixar and the Onion to work on it. Earlier this year, the Assistant learned a new song to help people wash their hands for the recommended 40 seconds. It looks like somebody's been at it again, because you can now listen to your digital Assistant sing about the benefits of wearing a mask.

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Here's when blurred backgrounds, hand-raising, and more are coming to Google Meet

With the onset of COVID-19 and the rising need for talking remotely, video chatting services have shot up in popularity. Google may have been slower to the party than Zoom, but it's planning to arrive fashionably late. As part of a focus on providing educational tools for stay-at-home students this semester, the company is revealing a timeline for the previously announced new features in Meet that will help virtual classrooms function more like the real thing.

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HMD Global picks up $230 million investment from Google, Qualcomm, and others

Finnish startup HMD Global revived the Nokia brand by marrying the entire smartphone range to the Android One program. With their new identity, Nokia phones have grown popular, particularly in emerging markets where they can piggyback on the legendary brand image. In a bid to keep up with that growth trajectory, HMD Global recently announced that it has raised a total of $230 million from an investor group, including the likes of Google, Qualcomm, and Nokia Technologies.

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Waze now officially alerting drivers to railroad crossings