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Google Nest Wifi routers now available in 10 new markets across Europe

With so many people having to stay at home these days, it's important to have reliable home internet. Google's first mesh router system offered a powerful, easy-to-set-up home network, and the second-gen Nest Wifi model is even better. Now Google has announced it will be expanding the product sales to new European markets.

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[Update: Stand-alone pricing, availability] Google introduces new Nest Wifi mesh router with built-in Assistant speakers

Today's Made by Google event has been packed with new mobile and smart-home hardware, but for all the cutting-edge functionality and smart features these devices aim to offer, they're not much use for anyone without data connectivity. Three years ago, Google set out to help users shower their homes with high-speed, ubiquitous Wi-Fi with the launch of the mesh-capable Google Wifi. Now that hardware's finally getting an overdue refresh with new features, a new look, and a new name: Nest Wifi.

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[Deal Alert] Single Google Wifis for just $99.99 at Amazon ($30 off)

There haven't been many Google Wifi deals since the routers were released. For a long time, the price wasn't just constant, they were pretty hard to find. And, although the supply these days is better than it was, prices have also stayed pretty high. But that ends today, because right now you can pick up a single Google Wifi router for just $99.99 at Amazon. Three-packs are also at the same discount ($269.99 or $30 off). 

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Google Wifi launches in Canada at $179 and $439

Google's Official Canada Blog has just announced that Google Wifi will be available in Canada as of today. Prices range from $179 for a single unit to $439 for a three-pack. It's currently available for purchase from the Google Store, as well as Best Buy Canada, Staples Canada, and Walmart Canada. Although the shape may be familiar to our northern neighbors, I would like to make it clear this is a router.

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Some Google Wifis randomly stop working, turn solid blue

If your Google Wifi seems to be looking a bit blue these days — as in, the light is stuck blue — you might want to check to see if it's still actually functioning. The current build for it (9202.35.8) seems to be causing issues for some users.

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[Update: Down to just singles] Google Wifi single and 3-packs are back in stock at Best Buy

If you've been shopping for a Google Wifi (or three) lately, it's hard not to notice that all of the direct sales avenues have either been sold out or priced so far above MSRP that you'd think they were scalping playoff tickets. Fortunately, this drought couldn't last forever – Best Buy currently has both single and 3-packs of the mesh wireless router available at regular prices with fast shipping or in-store pickup.

The 3-packs are gone

Holy cow, that didn't last long. About an hour after this post went live, Best Buy ran out of 3-packs.

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Google Wifi review: Probably the best home Wi-Fi system you can buy right now

I'm reviewing Google Wifi because my apartment sucks. Well, specifically: my apartment's walls suck. And the placement of my router is far from ideal. You see, because I need a hardline to my desktop PC in my office, that means keeping the router in the office, too, or snaking around fifty feet of unsightly ethernet from my living room along the wall (in-wall cabling is not an option for me). This presents a conundrum, because it means that if I want my apartment to have well-distributed Wi-Fi, I need a big, ugly, long cable running the length of the place. If I don't want to run the cable, it means lopsided Wi-Fi coverage.

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