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Google Wallet Card joins Wave and Buzz in Google heaven

Back in March, Google began notifying Google Wallet users that the physical Wallet Card was on its way out. The card would continue to work normally until May, after which it would no longer be possible to top it up with funds from a bank account, and on June 30th, Wallet Card would be officially retired. Unfortunately for the dozens of customers who signed up for Wallet Card, that day has finally arrived.

Like so many Google products before it, Wallet Card was a nice idea that never garnered enough users to justify Google's time and resources to back it up, lasting less than 3 years from launch to shutdown.

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Google Is Preparing To Drop Support For The Physical Wallet Card On June 30th

The first signs of the Google Wallet Card were discovered during an APK Teardown, so it only seems fitting that its death should also be foretold the same way. That's right, the real life Wallet Card is not long for this world. Text found in the Google Wallet v14 update reveals plans to terminate the versatile little card on June 30th.

Google's story with a physical card has always been pretty tumultuous. In mid-2013, AllThingsD posted a report about a clunky demo of the project in front of an already unsatisfied Larry Page. This led to the removal of Wallet's then current Vice President, Osama Bedier, and all but confirmed the project was probably doomed.

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AllThingsD: Larry Page Declines To Go Forward On Physical Google Wallet Card, Kills Project, Axes VP Of Wallet

In an oddly-specific narrative published this morning, AllThingsD reported that sources close to Larry Page and Google Wallet have confirmed that plans for the physical Google Wallet credit card have been cut up, and VP of Wallet Osama Bedier pushed out of the company.

We exclusively reported on the Wallet card last November, when it appeared in a leaked version of the Google Wallet app. You could even initiate the card ordering process, suggesting the project was well on its way to completion. So, we waited. And we waited. And then we waited some more. The Wallet card seemingly went off the radar, and as Ron noted, the "new Google Wallet" sign up page still greets visitors of the Wallet site, like a big "Coming Soon" banner in front of that one restaurant that never seems to actually make progress on those renovations that have been going for like 6 months now.

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