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Google Voice now has improved spam call filtering

No one likes spam calls, and Google knows that. You may recall that last year, Google added a warning in the Phone app for when a suspected spam caller was ringing. Now the company is bringing that same feature to Google Voice.

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What once was broken now is fixed: call recording in Google Voice works again

Shortly after bringing it back from the dead, it would appear that Google may have inadvertently broken call recording for a short period. For the last two weeks there have been multiple different user reports of problems with recording calls in Google Voice. Thankfully, the issue appears to have been resolved and recording is now working as intended.

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Hangouts on Android will remove SMS support on May 22

Once upon a time, I was able to get most of my communication done through Hangouts. Between its support for standard SMS, Google Voice, and normal Hangouts conversations, it was an incredibly useful tool. It could even merge SMS and Hangouts conversations into the same thread, much like iMessage on the iPhone.

Over the past year or so, Google has been separating all this functionality into standalone apps. Google started asking SMS users to switch to Messages, then removed merged conversations, and finally launched a new separate Google Voice app. The company has also been trying to move people off Hangouts itself, with its new Allo and Duo apps.

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Google Voice gets its first feature update since being revived

Google Voice was waning a few weeks ago, then Google suddenly brought it back and gave it a fresh coat of paint. That was just the first step, though. Google promised it would continue updating Google Voice, and indeed it is. There's a new update rolling out today with more conversation management options, GIFs, and more.

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The new Google Voice app may get VoIP calls

Google reawakened the Voice app earlier this week after years of stagnation. It didn't really add anything to the experience, though. The new app just looks more modern. Google has pledged to remain committed to Voice, and now there are some hints about what's in store. According to 9to5Google, Google is working on VoIP calls in Voice.

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[Update: APK] Google resurrects Voice, gives the app and website a full makeover

Google Voice was a big deal when it launched back in 2009—there was a waiting list to get access, and the entire concept felt magical. However, Google seemed to give up on Voice some years ago, offering users the option to port some features of Voice into Hangouts and Project Fi. Now, Google Voice is back and completely revamped.

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[Updated] Voice website banner mentions 'The new Google Voice,' but nothing seems to have changed

Remember Google Voice? Google's first stab at a voice-over-IP system is still up and running, though much of its functionality has been absorbed or augmented by the SMS and calling functions of Hangouts. It's a bit dusty in the Voice closet - the desktop web version of the service looks like a relic, and the Android app has only received a couple of maintenance updates in the last year and a half. But users who still rely on Google Voice as their primary phone number (like me!) have reason to be hopeful that the service hasn't been completely abandoned.

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Google Fiber Rolls Out Landline Phone Option Costing $10 A Month

It's not often here at Android Police that we talk about good old-fashioned phones. No, not pocket computers. Not portable game consoles. Not point-and-shoot cameras. Just plain old, hold-up-to-your-ear, talk-using-your-mouth, keep-in-place-with-your-shoulder-instead-of-your-hands phones. But Google Fiber is giving us a reason.

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FYI: Signing Up For Project Fi Kills Your Google Voice Account, But You Can Have It Back If You Quit Fi

There are a lot (a lot) of caveats when it comes to Google's just-announced Project Fi mobile service. Aside from all the phone and network tomfoolery, Google Voice users have some tough choices to make as signing up for Fi essentially nukes your Voice account. It's nice to know that at least you can go back, according to Fi product manager Simon Arscott.


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[Hallelujah] Since Hangouts 2.5, You Can Now Listen To Voicemail In The Background Or With The Screen Off

Ever since Google integrated Voice with Hangouts, listening to voicemail has been a highly-focused affair. Unlike traditional voicemail, which we're conditioned to hold up to our ear like a phone call, voicemail in Hangouts comes with a play button that encourages us to treat it more like the audio file that it is. This is the same way Google Voice has treated it on the web for forever.

The downside is that turning off the screen or backing out of Hangouts has, until recently, caused the message to immediately stop playing. With the release of version 2.5, that apparently changed. You can now listen to voicemail with the screen dark or while using another app entirely, leaving the message to play in the background.

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