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[Update: Official changelog] Google Voice v5.7 prepares to enable VoIP directly within the app [APK Teardown]

Google has been dabbling in the realm of Internet-based calling for years. First it was Gmail, then Hangouts got in on the action. While there were ways (and even third-party products) to use the Google Voice service for VoIP, it was probably the least enjoyable calling experience we've seen that didn't involve MacGyver-style shorting of exposed wires to dial a number. Now an update to the Google Voice app reveals that it's finally going to make its VoIP capabilities an official feature, and it'll be usable directly from your phone without any hacky workarounds.

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Google Voice 5.5 adds billing history [APK Download]

While I can't use Google Voice myself, I see a lot of positive feelings for the service online. And now the Android app will be getting just a little bit more approval thanks to a handy addition: billing history.

If you use Google Voice for placing calls, you'll be able to track your available credit through the app's Settings > Billing history. There, you'll find your recent activity with each call, its date and time, duration, how much it cost you, and your balance after it was over.

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Google Voice v5.4 update remembers your last tab and lets you top-up credit

Google Voice is an invaluable tool, even if it still has a few quirks. It makes juggling multiple numbers just a little bit easier and provides a great cross-platform voicemail and messaging tool independent from your carrier. And the Google Voice app for Android was recently updated with two new features. Now when the app is re-opened, it can resume from the last tab you had open, and you can now top-up Google Voice credit from the app itself. 

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"OK Google, send a Google Voice message" command is coming soon to help those with Google Voice numbers

Some of you exclusively use their Google Voice (GV) numbers, some have differentiated between friends and colleagues by giving their regular number and GV number separately to each set of contacts, and some might use the GV number occasionally for a few contacts only. Regardless of your case, sending texts from that GV number has been pretty hit-and-miss when it comes to Android Auto, Android Wear, and Assistant. But that should be fixed soon.

As explained by several complaining users in this support thread, if you have a Google Voice number and you set it as the default SMS number in Hangouts then set Hangouts as your default SMS app, when you're using Android Auto and you say, "OK Google, send a text," the command will forego your defaults and just issue a regular SMS text through your carrier number.

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Some Google Voice users aren't receiving SMS messages, Google is investigating

Bugwatch season is in full swing here at AP and Google Voice is the latest culprit. It was only in June when we last heard of issues with the service, which was to do with broken notifications. This time people are reporting that they aren't receiving text messages to their Google Voice accounts.

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Google Home voice calling is rolling out in the US and Canada

One of the many announcements we saw at Google I/O 2017 was hands-free voice calling for the Google Home. Instead of Alexa's equivalent feature, which requires both people to have an Amazon account, the Google Home would use VoIP to call standard phone numbers. At long last, the feature is starting to roll out.

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Google Voice 5.3 update brings multi-select for messages [APK Download]

Google just pushed a minor revision to the Google Voice app for Android, bringing it up to v5.3. Nothing huge appears to have been changed, but there is one small but useful new feature. Now long-pressing on a message brings up an option for multi-selection, rather than just a menu for simple actions pertaining to a single message. So the next time you need to mass-delete messages sent to your Google Voice account, it won't be quite such a tedious affair. 

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Google Voice notifications are broken for some, but Google is on the case

If you haven't been reliably receiving notifications for messages in Google Voice, you may not be alone. Some users at Google's Product Forums have been reporting that notifications from Google Voice don't always appear, and often don't show up until the app is opened and refreshed. Thankfully it seems that Google is on the case. If indicators for events like messages or voicemails in Google Voice do not show up in your notifications, perhaps it's worth taking a look at the threads over on Google's forums.

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Google Voice updated to 5.2, adds new widgets and call screening [APK Download]

Today Google started rolling out another update to Google Voice, bringing things up to 5.2. The new version of the app brings widgets in three new sizes. It also provides a new setting in the app for the 7-year-old call screening feature. The feature has been around for a while, but you can now enable and disable it via the app. It seems the last few months were no fluke, and Google is committed to keeping Voice updated now that it's been redesigned out of the Holo era.

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SMS support for Hangouts officially ends today, excluding Google Voice and Project Fi subscribers

Today is the day that Hangouts finally loses SMS support. We were warned by Google about it months ago when Hangouts started showing a warning that it would no longer support the feature. But, as of today, it's finally set to happen. For anyone who isn't on Project Fi or Google Voice — both of which will continue to support SMS in Hangouts — this is the end of an era.

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