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Google revamps Google Trends site with real-time data, curated content, and more

When people want to look something up, they will more often than not turn to Google. That means Google's search data becomes a snapshot of what's hot, and Google Trends gives you a window into it all. Today, the Trends site has gotten an overhaul with some new real-time data features, as well as curated content and new ways to visualize data.

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Google Trends Now Provides Real-Time Data Following Biggest Update Since 2012

Google Trends has received a big redesign in what is its largest expansion since 2012. Perhaps the most striking change is the inclusion of real-time data. Users can now turn to Google Trends for minute-by-minute views at how people are currently using the web.

Screenshot 2015-06-18 at 4.28.34 PM

To make Trends a better tool for journalists and researchers, Google has added in the ability to search by more niche topics and smaller geographic areas. Not only can I see how many people in Virginia have searched for Android M in the past few hours, I can compare views between the people in the Roanoke Valley with those in the DC suburbs.

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