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Google's Street View Trekker rig goes on a diet, upgrades its cameras

Google's Street View project is one of the largest collections of 360 panoramas images available for public use. While most images are taken with the easily recognizable Street View cars, for off-road collection a contraption called the Street View Trekker is used. Today, the Street View team is announcing an upgraded Trekker that has shed a few pounds and improved on image quality.

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Google's Street View cameras are getting an upgrade

Eight years ago, Circuit City closed its remaining stores, Michael Jackson died, and Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Eight years ago was also the last time Google's Street View cameras got a major upgrade. According to Wired, the company has started rolling out updated cameras to its fleet of picture-snapping cars.

The new rig now features just seven cameras, down from the 15 mounted on the old version. Each camera has a 20MP sensor, and two 'cans' on the front and back for laser radar. All these upgrades will make for higher-resolution pictures with enhanced image clarity.

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Google Street View goes round and round, reaches 1 billion installs on the Play Store

I still remember when Google Street View was that pre-installed icon that I wished I could remove from my device but couldn't because it came as part of Google Maps. Now the exploration service is all grown up, living independently, and thanks to the spread of 360 cams and user-generated content as well as the addition of dozens of interesting photosphere collections from real to fictional, has reached 1 billion total installs on the Play Store.

While many of those downloads will have resulted from the app being pre-installed on devices for the longest time, 1 billion is still an impressive milestone to reach.

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Google Street View adds support for Daydream


Latest Street View update adds satellite mode, 'available for hire' option for Trusted Photographers, and more [APK Download + Teardown]

There's a fresh update to Street View rolling out today and it has a little something for everyone. Counting among the changes in this release, there's a new satellite mode and a toggle for photographers to market themselves for work. A few visuals have been tweaked, including a better-looking search results screen. And a teardown item lets us know that the developers are planning a cool little feature that can take care of blurring out faces before uploading photos for the public to see.

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Latest Street View Update Adds Blur Tool To Photospheres And Reveals Plans To Add Features For Professional Photographers [APK Download + Teardown]

For many of us, the Street View name is linked to a convenient way to look around at places we haven't been, whether it's just an address we're about to drive to or one of the world's greatest mountains. We don't usually associate it with making money, but a lot of businesses have started investing in virtual tours to attract more customers. For a few years, Google has been working to help businesses pair up with independent photographers and agencies to capture scenery for potential visitors. The interface for this was entirely web based, but now it looks like some of the operations will soon become available through the Street View app itself.

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Google Street View Shows Off Some Of Argentina's Most Beautiful National Parks

Why go anywhere? That's the question some people find themselves asking as Google Street View comes to more places. Google lets you explore Machu Picchu, view the inside of sports arenas, visit historic locations all across Thailand, and check out the Batcave. Now the service is ready to show you some of the most stunning corners of Argentina.

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Google Updates Street View With Enhanced Photo Sphere Features And Support For KitKat Devices

Update Wednesday has been and gone, but we'll let it pass, as an app that doesn't get all that much attention has been updated! v2.12 of Google Street View is rolling out now, with some new Photo Sphere features and other improvements.

Photo Spheres are now automatically grouped, and connections can be created between them. Your own photo spheres can be multiple selected by long tapping, which is helpful, and the app works in landscape now. Curiously, Google has also added support for KitKat, but when you look at the latest distribution numbers and see that almost a third of Android users still use 4.4, it starts to make more sense.

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The Latest Street View Update Offers Notifications For New Collections, An Updated Interface, And Better Integration With Spherical Cameras [APK Download]

Street View is a fun digital tool for exploring the huge world we live on. An update to version began rolling out earlier this week, and in addition to bringing far too many digits, it also has a few new features, a few visual tweaks, and improved support for spherical cameras. It looks like this one is rolling out pretty fast, but if you're in need of a download link, it's at the bottom of the post.

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Google Adds 30 Historical And Touristic Jordanian Sites To Street View, Petra And Jerash Included

I have fond memories of Jordan. The hot temperatures and the desert environment didn't stop me from enjoying my 4-day tour of the country where I walked around the city of Petra and took a donkey ride back to the entrance because my feet hurt too much, went on a 4X4 drive around Wadi Rum and got sand everywhere in my clothes and shoes, floated in the Dead Sea and panicked when I figured that I couldn't swim back to shore but had to awkwardly paddle my body, got lost between the hookah café on the Aqaba beach, watched a Roman gladiator fight reenactment in Jerash, and visited what is believed to be the Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ.

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