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Samsung Gear Live No Longer Available On The Google Store

Did you remember that Samsung made an Android Wear device? To be honest, I had almost completely forgotten. It seems no one ever talks about that watch, and apparently not many people were buying it either because Google just pulled the plug on the device on the Google Store. When you open the product page you are greeted with this sad sight (or site, your call).

Screenshot 2015-05-14 at 6.28.15 PM

Gone before I've ever seen one in the wild.

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LG Watch Urbane Charging Cradle Now Available In The Google Store For $19.99

One of the problems with all these Android Wear watches is that there's not a standard charging mechanism. That means you (usually) have to use the cradle that comes with them. If that breaks, you better hope you've got a spare on hand. Now you can get another one for the LG Watch Urbane.


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[Warning - Troll Under Bridge Ahead] Google Has A Brilliant And Daring Plan To Unload Overstocked Nexus 9s

The Nexus 9 is not the most beloved Nexus device ever made. Its build quality is a bit questionable (people don't call it the Flexus 9 without good reason), the price is a little on the high side, its performance leaves something to be desired, and it hasn't had the best track record with updates. With these issues it's possible that Google is sitting on a fat stack of these tablets that it hasn't been able to unload.

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The Google Store Is No Longer Selling The LG G Watch, One Of The First Android Wear Devices

It was just over a year ago that we first caught wind of Android Wear. At the same time, we were introduced to the G Watch, which would be the first Wear device—released alongside the Samsung Gear Live—to be sold to the general public. Now, with the addition of the G Watch Urbane and a permanent price drop for the G Watch R, the original G Watch is headed out of the Google Store.

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LG G Watch R Is Now Listed At $249 In Google Store, A $50 Price Drop

On the heels of the LG G Watch Urbane's arrival to the Google Store, the G Watch R gets a nice discount. Originally sold at $299, you can now get it for $249. This is a good deal; just several weeks ago we told you about an offer where you could get the G Watch R for $269. The price puts it at a fair distance from the newer Urbane, which is starting at $349.

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Nexus Player Pops Up In The Google Store In France And Germany, Hong Kong Gets The Nexus 6

Readers in France and Germany, head on over to your local Google Store if you're looking for an Android-powered set-top box. The Nexus Player, the only Android TV device widely available even six months after the introduction of the platform, is now on sale in your respective countries. Well, sort of: it's "coming soon" with a price of 99 Euro (only about 5% more than the US price). According to Google's hardware availability page, it should go on sale at any moment.

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Google Store's Moto 360 Price Drops From $250 To $165

The Moto 360 has dropped to some downright cheaper prices over the past few weeks. Amazon and Best Buy alike have sold the smartwatch for up to $100 off, depending on the variant. People have been able to buy the wearable in any color or material at a discounted price.

Now the Moto 360's Google Store listing has received a price drop as well. The device is showing up there for $165. And this doesn't appear to be a sale, either.

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[Update: Charger Now Shipping] Yellow Sony SmartWatch 3 Strap And ZenWatch Charger (Coming Soon) Appear In Google Store


The Nexus Player Is Now Available From The United Kingdom Google Store For £79

UK readers, have you been stewing in jealousy over Americans' access to Android TV and the Nexus Player? Well you shouldn't be - it's not all that great, at least at the moment. But if you're eager to check out the only retail ATV device available thus far, now you can. The Nexus Player is selling on the UK version of the Google Store for £79 (a little less than $120 USD at the moment - sorry about that).

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Asus ZenWatch Now Available Through Google Store In Australia And Italy