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The Asus ZenWatch 2 Is Now Available From The Google Store In The US For $150

Asus' ZenWatch series has gained a small but dedicated following since the original version was released thanks to the gadget's understated style and low price. The second watch in the series is now available on the US version of the Google Store, and unless we're mistaken, it's the first time the Android Wear device has been available for purchase in the country. The price is $149.99, quite low compared to competing Wear devices, and it's shipping now. Before today it was marked as "coming soon."

The ZenWatch 2 uses the ubiquitous Snapdragon 400 chipset with 4GB of storage and half a gig of RAM.

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Google Is Adding Waitlisting With Email Notifications To The Google Store [Update]

So that thing you want is out of stock on the Google Store? Bummer. I suppose you'll just have to refresh the page for days on end until it's available for order... or maybe not. Google is poised to add a waitlist feature to the Google Store, which we spotted by fiddling with the site's JavaScript. It's not live yet, but everything appears to be in place.


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Chromecast 2015 And Chromecast Audio Also Available For Pre-Order At Best Buy

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Google announced lots of new toys at the Nexus event today. Two of these devices are the Chromecast 2015 and the Chromecast Audio. After the event was over, they became available on the Google Store for $35. These Chromecasts will start shipping very soon, and some might be getting them tomorrow.

If you'd rather buy your Chromecast from Best Buy, then you're in luck. Best Buy has put up their product pages for both the Chromecast 2015 and the Chromecast Audio. They are both priced at $35 dollars and are eligible for free shipping.

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Some Chromecast 2015 And Chromecast Audio Orders Are Already Shipping - Next Day Delivery Arriving Tomorrow


Cases And Charging Cables For Nexus 5X And Nexus 6P Are Now Live On The Google Store

A couple of hours ago Google officially announced the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, which are now both live on the Google Store. If you were able to pre-order one of these phones, you're probably wondering what accessories are going to be available. Well you don't have to wait at all to find out, because Google already has quite a few cases and cables on the Google Store for both devices. I'm going to cut right to the chase and dump all the information.

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Nexus 5X And Nexus 6P Pre-Orders Go Live On The Google Store, Chromecast And Chromecast Audio Orders Ready To Ship Right Away

You've been waiting for months now. Much of that time has been spent debating. Do you go with the Nexus 5X or the larger, more powerful Nexus 6P? Well, hopefully you've made up your mind, because pre-orders have just gone live.

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The Nexus 5X is Official—Snapdragon 808, USB Type-C, And Nexus Imprint Fingerprint Sensor

The stalwart Nexus warriors who have been making do with the Nexus 5 for the last two years finally have another option in the same size range. The LG-built Nexus 5X is official, and it's available for pre-order today. It's the Nexus 5 the internet deserves, not the one we need.

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Google Makes The Huawei Nexus 6P Official: 5.7-Inch Screen, Android 6.0, All-Metal Body, $499 Starting Price And Pre-Orders Starting Today

Android Police has successfully blown the doors off of the 2015 Nexus announcements, but now Google has made its flagship phone for this year official. The Nexus 6P is the larger of the two smartphones announced today, and the first Nexus device ever to come from Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The phone will be one of the first devices to launch with Android 6.0 "Marshmallow," as expected for new Nexus hardware.

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[Exclusive] Nexus 5X And 6P Will Be Available Online Only, Won't Be Sold In US Carrier Stores

Tomorrow is the big expected Nexus day, but that doesn't mean you have to wait to find out what's going on with this year's devices. Obviously. I mean, what more is there to know about the Nexus 5X and the larger, oddly-shaped Nexus 6P at this point?

Here's something. Through the information we've acquired, we've found that, unlike most previous models, this year's devices won't be available in carrier stores.

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The Google Store Celebrates Seven Years Since The Announcement Of The Original Android Phone With Some Themed Wallpapers

Android has more birthdays than a cheapskate in an Applebees. November 5th, 2007 is often given as one option, because that's the day that Google announced the development of the platform itself. October 22nd, 2008 is another one, the day that the HTC's G1 phone was first released by T-Mobile. But for some reason, the Google Store team is choosing to pin down today, September 23rd as Android's "seventh birthday." On this day in 2008 Google and T-Mobile announced the availability of the G1 for the following month. That's also the day that the Android 1.0 SDK was first available for public download.

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