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Google Drops The Nexus 5X Price To $349 For 16GB, $399 For 32GB In The US Google Store

Google's cheaper option for this year's Nexus phone is now a little cheaper. Without any special fanfare, the LG Nexus 5X has dropped its price in the Google Store. The 16GB model is now $349 (down from $379) and the 32GB model is now $399 (down from $429). That places both of them more firmly in the mid-range price bracket, which is pretty nice considering the high-end processor and screen, not to mention quick Android updates from Google.

At the moment the price drop seems to be on the Google Store only. There's no mention of a "sale" or any of the usual indications of a limited-time promotion, so it looks like these price drops are permanent, something that's not unprecedented with Nexus models.

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Moto 360 Sport Hits The Google Store In Canada And The US For $299.99

Motorola started selling the Moto 360 Sport in the US late last week. It launched on Motorola's site, but also at Best Buy and Verizon, and now you've got another source for Motorola's latest wearable. The 360 Sport is now available in the US and Canadian Google Store for $299.99.

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Google Is Offering Free Overnight Shipping On All US Google Store Orders Until December 22nd

Google has been offering free basic shipping on the Google Store since it launched as the new home for Google's hardware. Now, it's going a step further for the holidays. For a limited time, you can get free overnight shipping.

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[Deal Alert] The Nexus 6P Is On Sale For $50 Off In The Google Store

The Nexus 5X price dropped by $80 for Black Friday (and is still $50 off), and now the Nexus 6P is seeing the same reduction. Head over to the Google Store, and you can snag the best Android phone on the market starting at a mere $449.

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[Hurry] Google Is Giving Away Star Wars Cardboard Viewers With Free US Shipping

The Star Wars hype train won't stop, can't stop. With a week to go until the much anticipated release of The Force Awakens, Google is adding to the excitement by giving away some free Star Wars Cardboard viewers in the Google Store. Yes, completely free. They'll even cover shipping if you're in the US. This is not going to last long.

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Google Starts Selling Bose Headphones In The Google Store

Google's phones and tablets tend not to come with earbuds anymore, but those are always junk anyway. Better to buy something nicer to use with all your electronics, right? Now Google has a selection of Bose headphones in the Google Store so you can get that done when you order a phone or tablet.

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[Update: Live] Google's OnHub Paper Towel Holder Shells Are Real And Going Live Today For $29-$39, Plus Someone Designed One That Looks Like A Cake

A couple months ago some Google Opinion Rewards survey-filler-outters received questions about the OnHub that suggested Google had new shells in the works. At least one of the three options provided looked like a paper towel holder, and the others could easily pass for trash cans. Google wanted to know which one people would be most willing to buy. Well, all three variants have appeared in the Google Store, where they're listed as coming soon.

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The Nexus 5X Is Still On Sale For A Reduced Price After Black Friday: $329 On The Google Store And Elsewhere

The Nexus 5X was, frankly, overpriced from day one. The 32GB 5X was a scant $70 less than a 32GB 6P, the latter being a substantially better device in most ways. As such, the Nexus 5X was predictably the only one of the two to get a Black Friday / Cyber Monday price cut. Google dropped the price of the 5X by $80, bringing the 16GB to $299 and the 32GB to $349.

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have ended, you'd expect that the 5X would have returned to its original price point, but no: Google has maintained a $50 discount on the device with no end date specified.

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Google Has Stopped Selling The Nexus 6 In The Google Store

There are two new Nexus phones available now, and that means the Nexus 6 is yesterday's news. Google has been selling the Nexus 6 at a reduced price for a while, but now it's over. The Google Store now says "The Nexus 6 is no longer available for purchase." It's the end of a very, very big era.

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Pixel C Enters The Google Store Starting At $499.99, Magnetic And Folio Keyboard Options Also Available

You've waited, and now it's here. The Pixel C has found its way into the Google Store. There it's available for the starting price of $499.99 for the 32GB model or $599.99 for 64GB.

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