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Google Kills Chrome's New Bookmark Manager On Desktop And Android, But Here's How To Get It Back

Google's bookmark revamp (which was sometimes referred to as "Stars") has had a rough ride over the past dozen or so months. After being spotted online, it showed up as a standalone Chrome extension and web interface, then resurfaced as the Bookmark Manager for Chrome. It seems however that the experiment wasn't as positive or fruitful as the team had hoped, and the redesign has been canned - at least as the default bookmarks view in Chrome.

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Google Stars Spotted Again—Still Evolving And Not Ready For Primetime Yet

It's been a few months since Google accidentally left the Stars bookmark management extension visible in the Chrome App Store. We had been hearing about the development of Stars for some time before that, so its appearance was not entirely surprising. However, Mountain View removed the listing and didn't mention Stars at I/O this year. Now Florian Kiersch has gotten a look at the updated version of Stars. It's clear Google is still making improvements to the service, but it's definitely not done yet.

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Google+ Post Gives Further Insight Into The Upcoming Google / Chrome Bookmarks Overhaul, AKA "Google Stars"

Bookmarks - we all use them. Sometimes. Maybe. Maybe not since like 2011 in my case (I really, really don't like bookmarks). But bookmarks have remained a relatively unchanged experience on desktop browsers even since the Netscape days - you CTRL+D, the page goes into a list, maybe that list has folders, and that's that.

This stale experience has helped give rise to read-it-later apps, content aggregators, and even social networks (Pinterest, for example).

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