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PUBG is free to play on Stadia starting today, Jedi: Fallen Order coming this fall

Google's latest Stadia Connect was today, and there was plenty for game-hungry fans to get excited about. The biggest news was that battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is out right now, and it's free with Stadia Pro (which everybody currently has access to). Other juicy nuggets include Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order coming this fall and throwback JRPG Octopath Traveler launching today.

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Stadia Pro members get more than 50% off Borderlands 3 and the latest Tomb Raider titles

While Stadia's free tier is finally available to everyone, Pro users (and those who have just signed up for the free two-month trial) still benefit from perks like 4K gaming and free games. There are also weekly deals on some titles, so the Pro tier is easily worth its $10 price. This week, you have the chance to grab Borderlands 3, which had been available at a discount before, and the two newest Tomb Raider titles for up to 67% off.

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Review: Doom Eternal is a grisly delight on Stadia

Five months in, Stadia is, ever slowly, packing its library with more and more quality titles. With the release of Doom Eternal earlier this month, the platform hit a major milestone: its first major AAA game to launch day-and-date with PC and consoles. Should you be lacking the local hardware horsepower to bust demon skulls but you're reluctant to stream a game as notoriously fast-paced as Doom, I'm happy to report that, if your network is up to snuff, Eternal runs wonderfully on Google's cloud platform. It's also an intense and immensely gratifying experience.

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Get the Stadia Premiere Edition for $99 today only ($30 off)

While many people seem to have developed an aversion to Stadia, I personally still absolutely love Google's vision for cloud gaming. Sure, a lot of promised features haven't made it into the product yet, but it's slowly coming together. I'm surprised again and again how well it performs, just like others on the Android Police team. If you're not already heavily invested in Xbox, PlayStation, or PC and/or are willing to give a new cloud gaming platform a go, Stadia could be interesting for you. Today only, you can also save $30 on the Premiere Edition of the service, costing you just $99 instead of the usual $129.

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Doom Eternal is launching on Stadia today

The Doom series is among the best-known video games in the world, so it's great to see that Google managed to secure the rights for the latest title in the installment — in fact, this is the game Stadia has been hyping even before the service itself launched. Today, Doom Eternal has finally landed on the platform, along with being released on most other common consoles and stores.

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The acclaimed SteamWorld series is now available on Stadia (Update)

Google is working to bring more than 100 additional games to Stadia this year, but not all of them are going to be big-budget AAA releases. Today, Google announced that Image & Form's SteamWorld games are making their way to Stadia in the near future — two of them for free for Pro subscribers.

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15 games we want to see on Stadia

Stadia has, even its most ardent supporters will tell you, a games problem. It launched with just a handful of titles, and there's been a drip feed of additional releases ever since. Google has pledged to bring more than 120 titles to the platform in 2020, and while a few have been announced, we still have no idea what most of those games are going to be. So here, we've gathered 15 of the games we'd like most like to see on Stadia this year and beyond.

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Stadia announces two first-person puzzle games, Relicta and The Turing Test

Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform has been picking up steam recently, launching its second first-party studio, giving players a way to download their screenshots/videos, and rolling out 4K support for gaming on the web. Keeping that momentum rolling, the Stadia team has announced that two first-person puzzle games —Relicta and The Turing Test — will be coming to the platform soon.

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Stadia finally offers downloadable screenshots and game videos

Stadia has progressed quite a bit since it the invites started flowing to early adopters, but many people still say it feels very incomplete. Many standard features are still missing, the game library isn't very expansive, and it still hasn't fulfilled some of the core promises — playable on Android TV, anyone? Nevertheless, the Stadia team can (partially) cross off one of the features users have been expecting: access to screenshots and videos.

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Stadia Pro subscribers get Grid, SteamWorld Dig 2, and SteamWorld Quest for free (Update: Available now)

Just last week, Google announced that several games in the SteamWorld series were making their way to Stadia — with Dig 2 and Quest being Pro freebies upon launch. Turns out that's happening sooner than expected: SteamWorld Dig 2 and SteamWorld Quest will be Stadia Pro's free games in March, along with racing sim Grid.

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