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The Stadia controller is 10% off at the Google Store

Google's Stadia controller is expensive. Normally $69, it's pricier than both Microsoft and Sony's first-party gamepads. Given you can't use any other controllers to play Stadia on TVs yet, that could be a considerable barrier to entry for prospective players. If you've wanted in but have thus far been deterred by the controller's price, today might be your day: it's marked down 10 percent, to $62.10.

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Hands on with Crayta, an ambitious Stadia exclusive that will certainly die without a strong creator community

Crayta, the latest exclusive title for Stadia, is perhaps the most ambitious project to hit Google's cloud gaming service since it launched in late 2019. Instead of being guided by a central storyline or rigid set of mechanics, Crayta is an “anything goes” online platform where players can both play and build their own unique games. Like any good multiplayer experience, Crayta needs a strong player base right out of the gate for it to succeed, a stake that's raised even higher amid this title's launch-day limitations. I've been playing Crayta for a full a week, and here are my thoughts.

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Google Stadia 101: How to get the best performance and reduce lag

If you're trying out Google Stadia while you wait for the latest and greatest consoles from Sony and Microsoft to drop, you're not alone. But gaming in the cloud via a video stream is a lot different technically than playing something on a box plugged into your TV. Your ISP is a huge factor, but so is your home network setup, and the technology you're using to connect to it. In this guide, we'll show you how to make sure you're optimally set up to stream with minimal disruptions and lag.

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Elder Scrolls Online is the first MMORPG to land on Stadia, and it's free for Pro members

It's been known that the popular MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online would be coming to Stadia since the very beginning, but only recently did we learn that the game would be launched on June 16th. As of a few moments ago, ESO is officially available on the Stadia Store, and the base game is free for all Pro members. Now, this free version does not include any of the game's expansions outside of the Morrowind chapter, which coincidentally means the latest chapter Greymoor isn't included either, but thanks to the game's PC cross-save functionality, whatever you already own on PC is included with the Stadia version (all of my Zone and Dungeon DLC is indeed intact), as long as you link your accounts.

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Google Stadia now works with (basically) any Android phone

The Stadia Team has just published a community blog post that details a plethora of new features that are already available on the platform or are rolling out shortly. Today's most significant addition is the support for all Android phones, including a handful of OnePlus devices that were named specifically. On top of this, Google has released support for touch controls in all games as well as compatibility for per-device resolution options. Best of all, Stadia is currently offering $10 off your next game purchase if you're a Pro member.

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Stadia Pro trials are expiring. Here's how to make sure you don't get charged

Google finally opened Stadia to the public back in April, allowing anyone living in supported regions to try Stadia Pro for two months, free of charge. With June quickly approaching, any players who jumped onto the Stadia bandwagon on public launch day will soon be paying $9.99 a month for Google's cloud gaming service, unless they opt out. Here's how to cancel your subscription before your free trial of Stadia Pro expires.

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Serious Sam 4 will be exclusive to Google Stadia and PC until 2021

The fourth entry of the popular Serious Sam series of first-person shooters has been in the works for a while, and developer Croteam revealed more details about the game today. Interestingly, Google has also paid for Serious Sam 4 to be a timed Stadia exclusive, blocking the game's release on consoles until next year.

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Doom Eternal is 25% off on Stadia, starting at $45

Doom Eternal launched on Stadia in March — notably day and date with consoles and PC. We reviewed it and found that it not only performs admirably on Google's gaming platform, but it's also generally a ton of fun. If you've been waiting to jump in because you're averse to full-price Stadia games, now's your chance: it's currently $44.99 (that's $15 off).

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Stadia controller Capture button now works on Android

The "Capture" button on the Stadia controller (pictured just above, it's the one with the square brackets near the center) now actually does what it's supposed to do when you're using it on an Android device. A recent update has rolled out the ability for it to actually capture screenshots and clips on Android phones.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is launching on Stadia this holiday season

Ubisoft dropped the first trailer for the year's annual Assassin's Creed title, Valhalla, today. It's coming this holiday season. The trailer didn't make mention of Stadia, but Ubisoft confirmed the game will be launching on Google's cloud gaming platform right alongside next- and current-gen consoles and PC.

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