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[Update: Now in stable] Slack app gets Google Smart Lock support in latest beta

If memory serves, being forced to sign into Slack for all eternity is one of the circles of Hell in Dante's Inferno. Even if that's a completely fabricated statement (which it is), it drives home the point of how annoying Slack sign-ins can be. Now, it's slightly less terrible on Android thanks to Smart Lock support.

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Opinion: Google Smart Lock for Passwords is underused, underrated, and I wish more Android developers implemented it

You'd be forgiven if you don't remember what Google Smart Lock, aka Smart Lock for Passwords, is. The functionality, which aims to bridge your Google-saved website and service logins on Chrome with those in your Android apps, showed up almost three years ago in the Android M Dev Preview then started rolling to pre-Marshmallow devices. Codenamed YOLO for You Only Login Once, it is the precursor to the Autofill API we saw in Oreo and a solution to all those services that don't use a Google/Facebook/Twitter account login.

Right now, I can count the apps that I know of that support Smart Lock on exactly two hands: Netflix and Netflix for Android TVWordPressFlipboardWazeNestNYTimes, FitbitNokia Health Mate, and most recently NBC.

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Flipboard adds Google Smart Lock for Passwords support

For quite a while now, Google has been waging war against the age-old password. Whether that be with fingerprint readers, face unlock, or the Trust API, it's something many of us take for granted. News magazine reader Flipboard has added Google Smart Lock support to its app, meaning your account's password will be automatically remembered by Google Play Services. Therefore, as long as you use Chrome or Android connected to a Google account, Flipboard will not require a password to log in, instead remembering it from before (hopefully).

In practice, Smart Lock for Flipboard works almost exactly the same as it does for services like Netflix, which has had Smart Lock since last year (I seriously thought it was longer than that).

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Netflix' Update To 3.12.2 Adds Google Smart Lock Support

Google Smart Lock is one of the most practically useful features that have come out of the slew of announcements at I/O this year — allowing your device to associate your usernames and passwords for various apps and Chrome sites with your Google account so that you don't need to even bother with logging in when you want to use them.

Among Smart Lock's launch partners is Netflix, and the app's listing on the Play Store has been updated to include this functionality. Now when you install Netflix on a device with Smart Lock enabled (currently that's the M preview release and Lollipop devices where Google Play Services has enabled the feature), you will be asked if you want to save this password.

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