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Google Docs And Slides Now Let You Insert Images, While Sheets And Drive Get Other Improvements [APK Download]

There's a lot to cover on Update Wednesdays, so sometimes things slip onto Thursdays. Some of you have already played around with these files, but here's an overview of what has changed.

What's New?

Google Docs and Slides now let you insert images directly into your reports and presentations. You can import photos from your gallery or snap one on the spot.

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Docs v1.4.152, Sheets v1.4.152, And Slides v1.2.152 Give Document Owners The Option To Accept, Reject, And Comment On Changes From Their Android Devices [APK Download]

Do you get a lot of work done using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides from your smartphone? Probably not, but it's pretty easy to keep tabs on other people being productive using those three apps. That's the idea behind one of the latest changes to hit Google's office suite.

What's New?

In the latest version of Docs, Sheets, and Slides, you now have the option to approve or reject changes that other people make to your documents.

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Google Docs, Sheets, And Slides Updates Make Documents Easier To Review [APK Download]

There's a decent chance that when you're accessing a document from a smartphone, you're not actually trying to make edits. You just want to take a look at what's there. So the latest update to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides improves precisely this experience.

What's New

Now when you click on a document and start scrolling down, the app goes full-screen (minus the dimmed notification bar) and the toolbars disappear.

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