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Google Slides slides past 500 million installs on Play Store


Dropbox will let you edit your files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides soon

Dropbox is allowing some of its enterprise customers to edit text, spreadsheet and presentation files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides straight from its cloud storage platforms. The new functionality, first announced last year, is being tested in an open beta program.

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Google Slides to let your annoying coworker add annoying music to his annoying presentations

Sometimes when you're giving a presentation, an audio clip can really help illustrate a point. Up until now, there was no simple way to play that audio alongside a Google Slides slideshow, but Google has announced that the option to embed audio clips directly into presentations is coming.

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Google rolls out subtle Material Theme tweaks to Docs and Voice

Whether you like or hate the stark whiteness of Google's Material Theme/Material Design 2/whatever you want to call it, its influence has been unceasingly percolating throughout the company's various apps and services. Google Docs and Google Voice are the latest to see changes, picking up a handful of tweaks including monochrome, hollowed-out iconography, rounded corners, and more white.

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Material Design comes to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites on the web

Following a slew of second-generation Material Design updates for the web over the past month or so (namely Calendar, Classroom, and Google Accounts), Google is bringing its modern design aesthetic to several more G Suite platforms on the web. Material Design is hitting Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites beginning today, January 15.

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Google Docs introduces '.new' domain shortcuts for creating documents

Creating a new document with Google Docs was never a particularly labor-intensive task; all you have to do is open the appropriate site and click "New." But now, Google has simplified the process even further by allowing users to start new documents right from their browsers' address bar using domains that end in ".new."

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Google Slides gets support for embedded slides in Docs, slide guides, and more granular commenting

Google has been rolling out some updates to Google Drive recently, with the recent additions like macro recording in Sheets and an easier way to change text capitalization in Docs just to name a few. Now, it's Google Slides that's received a few minor but useful features, as noted in Google's blog post.

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Google Slides has been updated with better Keep integration, an add-ons system, and other time-saving features

In a blog post today, Google has announced a whole pile of new features for G Suite's Slides, the web-based presentation tool. It now supports drag-and-drop actions between Keep and Slides, slide synchronization for multiple presentations, and a new add-ons system for integrating services such as Adobe and Shutterstock images, as well as a ton of other smaller tweaks. 

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides add support for keyboard navigation of on-screen controls [APK Download]


You can now insert Google Drive videos in Google Slides on the web

When you're creating a Google Slides presentation, you can insert videos from YouTube, but what if the video you want to add isn't published there or you want to add a more personal movie? In the next few days, the option to add videos stored on your Google Drive will be rolling out to users.

Adding Drive videos will only be possible from the web version of Slides, but viewing them is available on both web and mobile. If you've shared your presentation, other users who don't have permission to view a video will have the option to request access.

After adding a video from Drive to your slide, right-click on it and go to Video Options to specify the time of the video you want playback to start and end at, enable autoplay during a presentation, and toggle audio on and off.

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