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Google Refines The Google Shopping Experience On Mobile With More Tabs And Less Loading

Christmas is coming. But before that, we have Black Friday. Either way, the time is ripe to give consumers the best shopping experience you can muster and bring in that extra dough. For its part, Google is making improvements to Google Shopping. You may know it as that tab that you forgot you could click when you perform a Google search, somewhere to the right of images and maps.

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[APK Download] Google Shopping Express Goes Material For Version 3.0

Before we go any further: Google's local delivery service Shopping Express is still limited to portions of the San Francisco bay area, Los Angeles, northern California, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and New York City. If you live outside of those areas, go ahead and skip this story, because Google Shopping Express (and similar competing services) aren't expanding outside of the densest US urban zones anytime soon. But for those who do qualify for the service, version 3.0 includes a new user interface.

2015-05-02 17.15.30 2015-05-02 17.15.38 2015-05-02 17.15.49 2015-05-02 17.16.11

New above, old below.

2015-05-02 17.25.04 2015-05-02 17.25.08 2015-05-02 17.59.58 2015-05-02 17.25.40

The app has been redesigned from the ground up, more or less, conforming to Material Design guidelines.

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Google Shopping Express Same-Day Delivery Service Expanded To Manhattan And Western Los Angeles

If most of your exposure to American culture comes from television and movies, you might get the impression that everyone in the country lives in New York or LA, with just New Jersey and some cattle spread thin in the middle. The people who do live in New York and LA seem to think that's the case anyway. Coastal urbanites, Google is ready to indulge your fantasies: Google Shopping users on Manhattan Island and the western portion of Los Angeles now have access to the Express delivery service.


Google Shopping Express is Google's answer to Amazon's same-day delivery service, among many other small-scale shopping and retail delivery options.

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