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[APK Download] Google Shopping Express Goes Material For Version 3.0

Before we go any further: Google's local delivery service Shopping Express is still limited to portions of the San Francisco bay area, Los Angeles, northern California, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and New York City. If you live outside of those areas, go ahead and skip this story, because Google Shopping Express (and similar competing services) aren't expanding outside of the densest US urban zones anytime soon. But for those who do qualify for the service, version 3.0 includes a new user interface.

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Google Express Expands To Chicago, Boston, And Washington D.C. With A New Name And Membership Pricing [APK Download]

Until now only those in a few areas of California and New York have been able to take advantage of Google Shopping Express, but that's changing now. As was previously rumored, Shopping Express is expanding to new cities and it's bringing a new name and pricing structure along with it. Google Shopping Express is now simply Google Express, and it requires a paid membership or per-delivery charge.


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Google Shopping Express App Updated To Version 2.0, Gets A Few Design Tweaks, Notifications

The Google Shopping Express app was updated to v2.0 yesterday, though the changes to the app aren't quite what you'd expect for a leading digit bump. The single greatest change to the app would seem to be the addition of notifications, which now allow you to be notified about delivery information for your orders, a key feature the service had been lacking until now.

Screenshot_2014-08-19-11-53-31 Screenshot_2014-08-19-11-53-38 Screenshot_2014-08-19-11-53-50

A new quick-add-to-cart button appears on all product cards now, and the filter UI has received a significant overhaul, now allowing you to filter products not just by store, category, and price, but by brand, type (if applicable), and special features like gluten-free, organic, and others.

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Google Shopping Express Survey Reveals Potential $90 A Year Pricing, Fresh Produce, Alcohol, And Refrigerated Goods On The Way

If you're a Google Shopping Express user, you may have recently received an email requesting that you participate in a survey about the service. Among the questions were many about pricing, including one which displayed the following chart detailing plan pricing options for the quasi-beta delivery system. The survey asks, essentially, if you'd be OK with this sort of cost structure - $90 per year (or $8 a month) for unlimited free "regular" and alcohol deliveries over $15, and $8 per order (rather than per store) of refrigerated goods under $150.

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Report: Google Is Spending Half A Billion Dollars To Expand Shopping Express To Cities Across The Country

Some of you have probably been coveting Google Shopping Express, the service which delivers groceries and other items from local retailers directly to your door on the same day, ever since it launched. But with an extremely limited rollout in only certain areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City, it's not exactly widespread. A report in ReCode says that Google plans to spend a huge sum of money, as much as $500 million, to give the shopping service a true nationwide rollout, covering major urban areas from coast to coast.

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[Booze Express] Google Shopping Express Now Delivers Alcohol In SF, Other Stores (Costco) And Cities To Come

I love Google Shopping Express. I am practically a Google Shopping Express fanboy. Sure, that's mostly because it comes with a 6-month no-delivery fee trial thus literally making it cheaper than actually going to the grocery store, but hey, it's awesome regardless.

But now, Shopping Express is ready to do something it hasn't to date: deliver big-people juice to your doorstep. Yep, GSE is going to liquor you up. Or wine / beer you up, whatever.

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Google Shopping Express Brings Overnight Delivery To Shoppers Throughout Northern California

Google Shopping Express takes the last word in its name pretty seriously. The service, which lets customers shop a number of stores from the comfort of a single site, allows for same-day and overnight delivery - both of which being faster than the usual two, three, four, or more days that regularly priced shipping tends to leave us waiting for. Google Shopping Express is only available in a couple of locations, but now overnight delivery is making its way to Northern California.

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Google Shopping Express Same-Day Delivery Service Expanded To Manhattan And Western Los Angeles

If most of your exposure to American culture comes from television and movies, you might get the impression that everyone in the country lives in New York or LA, with just New Jersey and some cattle spread thin in the middle. The people who do live in New York and LA seem to think that's the case anyway. Coastal urbanites, Google is ready to indulge your fantasies: Google Shopping users on Manhattan Island and the western portion of Los Angeles now have access to the Express delivery service.

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[Hot Diggity!] My Tracks, Google Fiber, Google Shopping Express, Google TV Search, And Voice Search For Google TV All Receive Updates

If you haven't heard, Google makes a ton of Android apps. It can be a real hassle to keep up with them all, as the company is occasionally prone to updating a handful of them at once. So today we're lumping together new versions of My Tracks, Google Fiber, Google TV Search, Google Shopping Express, and Voice Search for Google TV all in one post. Links and changelogs for all five apps are available below.

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Google Shopping Express Now Delivers Devices From The Play Store, Except It Currently Only Offers Three To Choose From

Update: Things have changed, and Google Shopping Express is now delivering seven items. The Nexus 10 has jumped up to 32GB, and it's joined by four cases for the Nexus 7.


Google Shopping Express is a same-day delivery service that's only available in the area from San Francisco to San Jose. Do you feel that, Americans? That sensation is what our international readers experience nearly every time we mention a new Google service.

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