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Google Sheets can soon remove duplicates and trim white space, receives new keyboard shortcuts

The Google Drive suite has been a capable competitor to Microsoft's Office apps for a long time. It offers a complete package right inside the browser and can serve as a prime example of how far web technologies have come. Now, Google has announced new features for Sheets, which is now capable of removing duplicate data and trimming white spaces. The web app also receives some new keyboard shortcuts that you might know from other spreadsheets.

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Google Sheets introduces enhanced formatting tools, inches closer to Excel parity


Dropbox will let you edit your files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides soon

Dropbox is allowing some of its enterprise customers to edit text, spreadsheet and presentation files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides straight from its cloud storage platforms. The new functionality, first announced last year, is being tested in an open beta program.

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Google rolls out subtle Material Theme tweaks to Docs and Voice

Whether you like or hate the stark whiteness of Google's Material Theme/Material Design 2/whatever you want to call it, its influence has been unceasingly percolating throughout the company's various apps and services. Google Docs and Google Voice are the latest to see changes, picking up a handful of tweaks including monochrome, hollowed-out iconography, rounded corners, and more white.

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Material Design comes to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites on the web

Following a slew of second-generation Material Design updates for the web over the past month or so (namely Calendar, Classroom, and Google Accounts), Google is bringing its modern design aesthetic to several more G Suite platforms on the web. Material Design is hitting Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites beginning today, January 15.

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Google Docs introduces '.new' domain shortcuts for creating documents

Creating a new document with Google Docs was never a particularly labor-intensive task; all you have to do is open the appropriate site and click "New." But now, Google has simplified the process even further by allowing users to start new documents right from their browsers' address bar using domains that end in ".new."

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Google Sheets finally supports recording macros, adds row grouping and better spreadsheets printing

Google has announced a series of new features for Sheets today, including macro support and improvements to spreadsheet printing. While Google Sheets has long been perfectly capable of creating and handling basic or even moderately complex spreadsheets, it fails to fully replicate the functionality of Microsoft Excel, making it a nonstarter for most power users. For professional use cases, Excel still reigns supreme, and Google needs to address Sheets' shortcomings if it ever hopes to make it a viable alternative for professional customers.

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides add support for keyboard navigation of on-screen controls [APK Download]


Google Sheets adds machine learning chart creation, sync with Docs and Slides, and more

I get it - spreadsheets aren't the most exciting thing in the world. Still, Google has continued to improve the mobile and desktop apps, most recently adding text rotation and other formatting features to the Android app. Now the company has added a few major improvements to Sheets, starting with some machine learning magic.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Sheets update will add support for rotated text, accounting formatting, mouse input on Android, and more

Google's Docs and associated programs aren't really replacements for full desktop office suites - at least not yet. But little by little, the company keeps adding more and more features to their web and mobile tools. Sheets, the Google equivalent of Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet programs, is getting some crucial updates on the web and Android very soon. A big one is support for standard accounting number formatting (available in the Format menu). That's a huge boon for businesses that rely on Sheets.

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