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Google's forced SSL search page,, is shutting down


Google Search shows Stack Overflow answers in search results for some users

Stack Overflow is an immensely popular website for asking programming-related questions. If you're ever stuck on a coding problem, typing it into Google and clicking the first Stack Overflow result usually does the trick. Now it appears the last step might not be necessary for much longer, as Google is working to display answers directly in search results.

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"Hey Google" hotword for phones rolling out to more users

For years, the Google Search app for Android has listened for the voice command "Ok Google." This carried over to Google Assistant, but it hasn't become any less awkward to say. When the Google Home was first introduced, it could listen for "Hey Google" in addition to the old phrase.

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Google's 'Year in Search' highlights solar eclipse, natural disasters, elections, and technology

Google has a yearly tradition of publishing the most-searched terms and phrases, aptly-named the 'Year in Search.' Earlier today, the company revealed the top searches of 2017 with a new video and a detailed Trends page.

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Google Search gets you answers straight from your favorite stars, selfie-style

We all turn to Google to get answers regarding this and that, and that other thing, and those as well, and eventually there's a point where we get a little curious and we want to know something about the actors and stars that we love. Google usually uses its Knowledge Graph to surface the best and most accurate answer for you, but what if you could get it straight from the horse's mouth. There'd be no denying the authenticity of it, would there?

And that's what Google has done. Starting today, when you search for a few known celebrities, you will see a special Top Questions Answered section at the bottom of their Google card with video cards.

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Google Search now sports options for audiobooks

Audiobooks are great, allowing busier people to listen to books while on the go. Google seems to sympathize with this notion, having just added new options for audiobooks in Google Search. This news comes not long after we discovered mentions of audiobooks in the Play Store v8.4 APK teardown.

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Google Search is testing more local predictive search suggestions

In its never-ending quest to improve the way you search and speed up your way to more information, Google appears to be trying a new approach with its Search suggestions. As you can see in the screenshot above, at the bottom of the list after recent searches, there are 4 more locally relevant suggestions.

These are for movie timings nearby, the latest cricket scores, word translations, and the latest Bollywood movies. As you can guess, those suggestions are relevant to our tipster, and carry a grey icon next to them probably to denote that they're different from recent searches and other suggestions.

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Google Search can now compare specifications between devices and highlight differences

Google occasionally adds new features to its web search or makes design changes, sometimes without a public announcement. Most recently, Google began rolling out a rounded interface to the mobile search. Now, the company appears to be testing a new comparison feature.

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Changing Google's domain will no longer give results from another country

Until today, if you wanted to use Google Search in another locale or language, all you had to do was type Google into the address bar with a different country code top level domain (ccTLD for short) and you'd be good to go. This might be useful if you lived abroad but preferred to have your search results more tailored towards your home country, or if you lived in a smaller country and simply liked the results from better.

In a blog post today, Google has announced that it will be changing the way it labels country services in Search, so that search results will be customized to a user's location, independent of whichever domain is in use.

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[#JustGoogleThings] Google broke setting reminders in Search yet again

At this point, I'm pretty certain that there's a switch somewhere in Google's code for its Search algorithm that someone keeps flipping on and off inadvertently... or maybe they like toying with people's workflows and feelings.

Two months ago, we reported that setting reminders in Search on a desktop was not working anymore. The feature had been introduced in 2015 and worked by simply typing, "remind me to something" in Google Search on a desktop. It was quite handy since it blended in with your workflow while on your desk, not requiring you shout at your phone or manually type it in.

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