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Google's community mobility reports show how the coronavirus has changed society (Updated)

Google's apps and services are among the most-used in the world, so it's no wonder that people turn to the company when they want to find out more about the coronavirus pandemic. In order to suppress misinformation and help its users find trustworthy sources, Google took a lot of measures, including a COVID-19 website created in cooperation with the WHO and the CDC and many editorialized search results in all products. While it's pretty easy to spot all of this information yourself while you're using Google apps, we'd still like to give you a broad overview of some of the measures.

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How to find a 3D skeleton, car, Santa, planet, and other cool AR objects in Google Search (Updated)

We're supposed to stay inside right now, but that shouldn't stop us from exploring things we'd normally see in museums or shops thanks to 3D models available in Google Search on Android and iOS. We've already covered which animals and pets you can lure into your home, but if you and your kids get tired of acting as an amateur zoologist, there is a whole world to explore, starting with planets and space crafts courtesy of NASA over anatomy all the way to shopping for shoes.

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Google Search gets Watchlist to save movies and shows you want to see (Update: Rolling out more widely in the US)

Google Search was once merely a place that listed relevant websites depending on your queries, but these days, the engine provides many details right within the results, saving you a few taps and clicks. Google is constantly improving these so-called Knowledge Graph cards, and has now expanded movie and TV show cards with a watchlist feature.

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Google Search dictionary results can now be filtered by topic

These days, Google Search isn't only a great tool for finding websites that give you whatever information you're looking for, it also offers some insightful results right below the search bar, like definitions provided by the Oxford dictionary. For some words, these entries can quickly become convoluted, though, especially when they change their meaning when applied to different contexts. To make it easier to sift through these, Google Search now lets you filter results by topic for some words.

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Google app adds a shortcut to open an incognito tab in Chrome

It's been nearly a year since the Google app added an incognito search mode, but anyone who's used that option noticed one major oversight: Once you tap on a search result, it opens in a Chrome Custom Tab, which is saved into your Google account, and thus gets logged into your browsing history. If you'd like your entire search to remain incognito, you need another solution, and that's what the Google app is now starting to offer.

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Google Search celebrates Holi with a colorful Easter egg

Celebrations for the festival of colors, Holi, are on in the Indian subcontinent, with Google also partaking in its own way. The company’s digital take on the festivity includes an Easter egg on its search results screen that lets you splash the entire page with paint. After you’re done creating a multicolored mess like a kid (which is actually fun), an option will help you clean the screen and carry on with your dull day as if nothing happened.

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Google search results will be fully optimized for mobile-first content in September

Google has been working on mobile-first web indexing for nearly half a decade. Although 70% of all websites surfaced within search results today are optimized for mobile devices, that lingering 30% means mobile users still land on unwieldy desktop-only interfaces far too often. To ensure the best browsing experience for everyone, Google is switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites starting in September 2020.

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Google Search to introduce public profile cards for all, a convenient replacement for Google+ profiles (Update: Screenshots)

When you search for any celebrity's name on Google, you first see a special card with several of their details. If you do that for a regular person, you're not going to get anything beyond the regular search results: their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website, and other articles mentioning them. This is about to change as Google is getting ready to roll out customizable public profile cards for users.

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Google Image Search results will stop highlighting picture dimensions in favor of new labels and licensing details

If you're using Google Image Search in any serious capacity — say, to fill a slideshow up with helpful, relevant visual media — then you may be somewhat concerned with the dimensions of the pictures you're finding (that is, how well a picture will blow up). However, the search engine company will soon deprioritize this information in favor of showing you other parameters.

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Google caves on unpopular favicon change in Search and promises to test more designs

Google has apparently taken the criticism regarding last week's favicon changes to heart, promising to "experiment" with different layouts that offend our collective sensibilities just a little less. Even now, the company has apparently rolled back the favicon change for at least some of us as it mulls over how to better implement the change.

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