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There's a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Easter egg in Google Search ahead of the two-season reboot

Google has a history of making fun easter Easter eggs across its sites, services, and apps, and today's is a wave of 90s-era nostalgia. With a simple query in Google Search and a tap on the fresh license plate, you can celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with period-appropriate results.

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Hamsters, unicorns, and kittens — oh my! Meet the next members of Google's AR zoo

Google's been on a roll adding AR experiences to Search this year, including tons of animals. It sounds like we can anticipate 27 more arrivals soon. That includes plenty of dog and cat breeds, but also more exotic animals like the hippo, fennec fox, and red panda, as well a the mythological unicorn.

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Google Images rolls out search filter for Creative Commons and commercial licensing

You've probably lifted a picture from Google Images and dropped it into a school project or a presentation for work. But if you work in media — as I do for Android Police — you need to be sure that you have the rights to use the photos that you want. Now, Google is implementing new badges and filters in image search to make licensable assets easier to find.

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Google Maps makes it easier to avoid places that are actively on fire, which is nice

With wildfires being more prevalent than ever in some parts of the world, it makes sense to improve the quality of information for those in the area. To better crisis response, Google will now show the boundaries of active wildfires via satellite data in near real-time.

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Google tests custom header photos for mobile Search

Every little detail counts when it comes to diving into a search engine experience and Google would die not to know it. Right now, the company appears to be testing customized header images on its search results based on queries revolving around "ideas" — but those backgrounds could conceivably spread to other searches as well.

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Google Search makes it easier to find jobs, recipes, and products with new activity cards

Google introduced activity cards in Search last year to let you quickly revisit results from your previous searches of the same keyword. The company is now expanding the scope of this tailored feed to cover three specific new areas: jobs, recipes, and online shopping — the things people are probably looking for the most while stuck at home during the pandemic.

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100+ 3D objects in Google Search to explore from the comfort of your home

Even if stay-at-home orders are slowly lifting all around the globe, we're mostly supposed to stay inside to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. But that shouldn't stop us from exploring things we'd normally see in museums or shops thanks to 3D models available in Google Search on Android and iOS. We've already covered which animals and pets you can lure into your home, but if you and your kids get tired of acting as an amateur zoologist, there is a whole world to explore, starting with planets and space crafts courtesy of NASA over anatomy all the way to shopping for shoes, and most recently, chemistry models.

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Google is making live sports and TV shows easier to watch in Search

Even though cable cutting is a real thing these days, live TV is still pretty popular, especially when it comes to sporting events. Though the fans in the stands may look differently due to COVID-19, at-home viewing hasn't changed much. Now Google is trying to make it a little easier by quickly showing live TV options for games, leagues, teams, and even normal TV channels.

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Google adds AR chemistry models to Search

Last year during Google I/O (it feels so long ago), Google introduced AR animal models you can put into your home, available right through Google Search without requiring extra software. Over the following year, the company has added many more 3D models to its library, including skeletons, planets and other celestial bodies, NASA equipment, anatomic models, cell structures, and many more. Now Google has expanded the list of supported 3D models with chemistry terms.

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Google Search 'people cards' are official in India

We're all familiar with the "knowledge panels" that pop up in Google when a famous person's name is searched, but Google has been working on something like this, which it calls "people cards," for us regular people. We first learned about this back in February, when Google published some support pages (that it quickly took down), but the feature is now official for India.

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