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Google Search is testing a button that loads 'More results' on the same page

Google Search results go through design iterations faster than you go through underwear... or maybe pajamas. Every few days, there's a new layout, some new colors, different shaped buttons or cards, or other changes happening to search results, but this latest one is more about the function than the form. Instead of loading results in a paginated manner, some users are seeing a button to see more search hits on the same page.

Up until now, the bottom of Google's search results displayed related terms (when available) then a Next button that jumps to the next results on a new page.

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Google Search in India now lets you flip between English and Hindi results

Those of us who live in countries where multiple languages are spoken have to always walk the thin line between them, choose which one is the default on their phone, find a keyboard that handles several languages well, and continuously pick their preferred language in Google search results.

If you live in India, you're probably used to the torture that is having to find search results in English or Hindi, depending on the situation you're in. But your life is about to get just a lil' bit easier with this new feature. Google is rolling out a tab to switch between English and Hindi search results with a simple click.

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Google Begins Marking AMP-Enabled Sites With A Green Circle And A Lightning Bolt

Toward the end of last year Google began testing a way to make webpages load faster when you're on a mobile device. How fast? Instantly, ideally. Or at least no more than a second or two. Google calls these quickly-loading sites Accelerated Mobile Pages.

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