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Android TV UI update brings rounded icons and Google Sans font

Android TV users across the world (hey, there are a few!) are turning on their TVs today and noticing things look a little different. Google has pushed an update with rounded icons and an entirely new font. There are a few system app updates, too.

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Google Clock v6.0 brings several visual tweaks and prepares for the Pixel Stand's sunrise effect [APK Teardown]

Some of the updates seeping out from the Pixel 3 have been pretty innocuous while others are quite significant. The Clock update leans toward the innocuous side as it brings some subtle but pleasing visual changes to its interface. A teardown also turns up part of the sunrise feature that was announced earlier today.

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[Update: Live in Dev channel] Chrome OS will soon use the Google Sans font

Google's new UI font, the aptly-named 'Google Sans,' has been appearing in many of the company's apps and sites lately. The next target for Google Sans seems to be Chrome OS, according to a new code commit on the Chromium Gerrit.

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