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Google Safe Browsing will soon require apps with personal user or device data to provide a privacy policy, trigger warnings if they don't

Security is a big deal these days. Google understands this, which is why its Safe Browsing team is implementing even more mandates for applications. Apps that handle user or device data will soon have to provide their own privacy policies. If this requirement isn't met, warnings may be shown on users' devices.

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Google Has Brought Safe Browsing To Android, Active Since Chrome Version 46 And Google Play Services 8.1

The web can be a dangerous place filled with imitation websites, pop-ups that lead to malware, and sites that trick you into giving away your credit card information. Many of us know how to navigate these risks well enough, but for those that don't, and for those times that experienced browsers screw up, it's nice to have services like Google Safe Browsing doing their part to keep folks protected.

Safe Browsing provides that notification you get when you venture to a place Google deems unsafe. You can proceed to the webpage if you like, but Google recommends you back away slowly.

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