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Google Reminders editing is functional again

Google has fixed a bug that hindered many people from editing their Assistant reminders for some time yesterday. It was possible to create new reminders via voice, but manual editing via the reminder overview was broken, potentially globally. Luckily, there were workarounds if you absolutely had to change something about existing reminders during the period.

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How to add a homescreen shortcut to your Google Assistant reminders

A few weeks ago, Google rolled out an update to reminders that switched the interface from a native in-app one to a web-based UI (presumably only for the English language). As a result, we've been discovering several related changes, some of them good like the unbundled notifications, others bad like the reliance on Assistant and lack of support for G Suite users. Today's discovery falls on the positive side of the scale: reminders can now be accessed through a browser and can thus be pinned to your homescreen.

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Google says recurring reminders on Android Wear are fixed (again)

The saga of recurring reminders on Android Wear has been a long and dramatic one. For the uninitiated, some saw their recurring reminders on Android Wear being regularly marked as done and disappearing without having seen them. First, it was broken, then it was fixed, then it wasn't actually fixed. But today it's fixed. Again. Probably. We'll see.

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Google says recurring reminders on Android Wear actually aren't fixed

Android Wear 2.0 has been quite the wild ride. Not only has the update taken months to arrive on most devices (a few are still waiting), but it brings major platform changes that not everyone is happy with. There have been a few major bugs as well, such as recurring reminders being completed without any user interaction.

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