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[Update: Fix is out] Google Podcasts is failing to refresh or display data for some users

Some users are experiencing issues with Google Podcasts. Upon launching the app, only one podcast loads, but no trending lists or suggestions show up, no list of downloads or progress either, or anything else really. If they tap to open the podcast in question, the episode list stars loading infinitely but never does.

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Google Podcasts finally starts rolling out Cast support

Google Podcasts received a fair amount of criticism at launch for a variety of valid reasons, but the biggest issues stemmed from a lack of support across Google's ecosystem. The app, somewhat absurdly, launched without proper Android Auto or Cast support — and offered little else to recommend it, including no option for creating podcast playlists. Now, after addressing the Android Auto issue, the app is beginning to roll out support for Cast.

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[Update: Early concept designs revealed] Google is experimenting with a new discovery-focused podcast app called Shortwave

Google has a penchant for repetition. For instance, why have one messaging app when you can have a handful (Allo, Android Messages, Hangouts etc.)? And while that method isn't exactly yielding overwhelmingly positive results, it seems the software giant is taking its approach to podcast platforms now, as well. An incubator for experimental products within Google, Area 120, is quietly developing an audio platform that, according to a recent trademark filing, allows users to "search, access and play digital audio files and to share links to audio files."

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[Update: More screenshots] Google Podcasts support on Android Auto seems imminent

Google launched its own Podcasts app back in June. It's a pretty well-rounded app with over 2 million indexed podcasts and a nice UI, but it was missing one thing that any Google-made audio app should support: Android Auto. We first noticed a 'Google' option popping up in Auto a few weeks ago, though it doesn't really work unless you start a podcast from your phone. That's probably about to change.

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[Update: Trim Silence is live] Google app v8.9.9 beta prepares search bar for settings and corrects mismatched Podcast icon [APK Teardown]

Google is rolling out its first significant update since launching Podcasts this week. For the most part, this appears to be primarily a bug fix and polishing release. There are little tweaks here and there related to Podcasts, including a corrected icon. There's also the start of a search feature for settings so people won't have to wander through several screens to configure the app as they want it.

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Tip: You can download Google Assistant's relaxing ambient sounds in Google Podcasts

One of Google Assistant's best features, in my opinion, is that it can play several types of ambient noise. It's a wonderful feature to have on Google Home, particularly for folks living in noisy environments. But the functionality extends to any Assistant-compatible device, and you're even able to download the sounds for offline listening through the Google Podcasts app.

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[Update: App is available] Google Podcasts ready to launch globally on Android with 2 million indexed podcasts

Changes have been afoot with Google and podcasts for many months. Cody has discovered sign after sign of the Google app adding podcast support, there was a long exposé of Google's podcast plans a couple of months ago, and podcast subscription and management then downloads started showing up. The wait is over now and it seems that Google is finally ready to reveal its podcast app and plans.

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