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How to message someone on Hangouts from Google+ on the web and Android

With all the different apps and services Google offers, you've got no shortage of choices for how to get in touch with people, ranging from a simple email to a video call. And while all those options let us pick the most appropriate method for a given circumstance, sometimes accessing a particular one isn't as streamlined as we'd hope it would be — and that's especially true when we're looking at the intersection between more than one of these services. Today we're hoping to shed a little light on one of the less-intuitive corners of Google's communication infrastructure, as we check out how to send Hangouts messages through Google+.

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Google+ adds 'Highlights' notification option for communities and collections


Google+ v10.1 switches to a mostly white color palette and prepares to offer notifications for daily highlights [APK Teardown]

A new version of Google+ is rolling out, but unlike many recent releases, this one has at least one immediately visible change after updating. The UI is taking on a whiter look for some of its key UI elements. A teardown also reveals that a Highlights section is coming back and will optionally make an appearance in notifications.

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[Update: Appears to be live] 'Brand new version' of Google+ for Android will be released soon

Google+ may have fallen off the radar for most people, but it's actually been improving a lot over the last year. The social network used to have a bit of a problem with spam, but Google's been all-out in providing new tools for moderating content. From our vantage, it seems to be making a difference, and now Google is investing even more development into the platform. Leo Deegan, the engineering manager for Google+, has just announced that the company will soon release a "brand new version" of the app. Though it might look and behave similarly, expect significant changes under the hood.

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Google+ v9.23 adds app shortcuts for quickly starting new posts [APK Download]

Most updates to the Google+ app tend to fit the "bug fixes and performance improvements" theme, but last month's release of v9.20 did bring custom notification channels for Android 8.0 Oreo – but maybe not the ones we needed. Today's bump to v9.23 makes a similarly subtle addition with support for a slightly older OS feature: App Shortcuts. If you're running on 7.1 Nougat or above, or using a custom launcher with support for static app shortcuts, you'll now have the option to quickly start a few different types of Google+ posts directly from your launcher.

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Google+ has new content restriction modes for G Suite admins

If your business uses G Suite that means your employees have access to Google+, and like any social media platform it's full of distractions. That's where content restriction settings come in handy for administrators, and Google is making some changes to these by splitting them into three new modes.

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Google+ posts on desktop get more conversational with new UI tweak

G+ may be going through some stuff right now, but that isn't stopping Google making little changes here and there to improve the experience for anyone still using it. The Android app is updated fairly frequently, and now the desktop site is getting some attention, too. I'm not sure how many people this tweak will make a difference for, but I'm sure someone, somewhere will be pleased about it.

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Google+ v9.20 adds notification channels on Android 8.0 Oreo, unfortunately they're not very useful [APK Download]

Notification channels are one of the key user-facing features added with Android Oreo, and almost all of Google's major apps were ready for launch day with their own set of custom channels. A few notable stragglers like Inbox and Hangouts remain, but today's update to the Google+ app means it cannot be counted among them. Unfortunately, the custom channels added in this update are almost certainly not what G+ users were hoping to see.

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Opinion: Google+ isn’t dead, but it is drowning in spam (though it plans to do something about it)

Last month Gideon Rosenblatt did a post on Google+ about the very platform, and it resonated with us here at AP. Many of you may know that we have invested a lot of our time here into Google+. After all, this is Android Police, and Google+ is as much a product of Google as Android is. But, we’ve been disheartened recently by issues with the social network. Most notably, a growing problem with spam.

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Google Photos v2.13 adds video stabilization, hints at possible Google+ integration [APK Download + Teardown]

There's nothing like adding great new features with an update. The latest version of Photos began its rollout yesterday and it enables a video stabilization feature we've been looking forward to for months. A teardown of the apk also raises the question: Would the Photos app ever find itself reintegrating Google+ in some way? If you're not in the mood to wait for this version to hit your device, hit the APK Mirror link at the bottom to get this update a bit early.

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