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Google Play Music's first original podcast series is 'City Soundtracks'

A little under a year ago, Google added podcast support to Google Play Music. Spotify is currently working on several exclusive podcasts for its service, and now Google is doing the same with 'City Soundtracks.'

Each episode features musicians discussing growing up in their hometown, with host Hrishikesh Hirway, and includes a mix of conversation and curated playlists. The first three episodes are already available - featuring Kehlani, Big Freedia, and Spoon, respectively.

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Play Music v7.4 prepares to team up with Google's Clock app for musical alarms, loses weight, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

There's a new version of Play Music rolling out to users and this one includes at least a couple of things to smile about. This release cuts the size of the app by a good amount and fits in a few interesting changes to navigation and appearance. But the really important change can be found in the Teardown. It looks like Play Music will finally become available to Google's Clock app to sound off for alarms.

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Prince's early albums are now streaming on Google Play Music (and other services), web app turns purple for the occasion

From July 2015 until today, the most popular of Prince's early music was exclusively available on Tidal. This was due to an arrangement he made with the streaming service before his untimely death in 2016. Now most of his music published under the Warner Bros. label, from 1978-1996, has been made available to most streaming services - including Google Play Music.

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Google Play Music is testing an Autoplay option that resumes playback when you launch the app

For the past couple of months, Google Play Music has been testing an Autoplay feature that lets the app resume playback when you launch it. The option, which isn't showing up for any of us here at Android Police, seems to be a server-side test and a fickle one at that. Many users have reported it was there about a month ago and then disappeared, or it keeps showing up and vanishing. And for some locales, it displays as "Auto-play," while for others it's "Autoplay."

When turned on in the settings, Autoplay will trigger Play Music to check whatever song and playlist were last playing when you left the app, and resume that.

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Play Music v7.1 prepares to add an autoplay option and sound quality settings for Wi-Fi and downloading [APK Teardown]

An update to Google Play Music began rolling out earlier this week, but there aren't any signs of changes in the UI. However, a couple of interesting things did turn up during a teardown. We can look forward to new settings to control audio quality for each of the major situations for downloading music. Additionally, there will be an option to allow the app to begin playing music as soon as it launches. If you're eager to grab the latest version before it comes to your device naturally, there's a download link at the bottom.

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[Deal Alert] Free four-month trial subscription to Google Play Music & YouTube Red available to new customers

If you've considered signing up for a music streaming subscription then here's an offer that you might like. Google is currently gifting new subscribers to Google Play Music a free four-month membership. Also included is a subscription for YouTube Red, with all its great benefits, including offline playback and ad-free videos.

The only catch, if you can even call it that, is that after four months you will have to pay $9.99 a month for the service. If you are just interested in the freebies, you can cancel your subscription any time after signing up and still enjoy the entire four-month trial.

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[Update: APK Added] Google Play Music is getting a smarter recommendation engine, new home screen, and automatic music caching for offline play [APK Download]

Google is doing a big upgrade to Play Music this week, enabling a smarter and more contextually aware recommendation engine, an easier to use interface, and a more streamlined caching system for offline playback. You'll notice some big changes to the look of the Play Music home screen on both the web and mobile devices, and hopefully some better music suggestions.

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Runtastic and Google Play Music team up to bring you the tunes

While I enjoy working out, I will admit that going without my favorite music makes it much more difficult — especially with cardio. For me, good music equals gains. Equally important, though, is keeping track of progress, but that can often require switching between two or three apps. That is, unless you go old-school and carry a notebook.

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[Finally] Google Play Music now appears to be available in India

Five years - that's how long Indians have had to wait for Google Play Music to come to their country. However, it appears that the massive delay may finally be over. Several India-based AP readers have tipped us that Play Music is now showing up on their devices with songs available for purchase. This news comes just a day after Google's big announcement regarding the Indian market.

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Remote for Google Play Music Desktop Player controls Play Music on your computer

I've long dreamt of a way to control Play Music on my desktop with my phone. It's one of those things I'd basically given up on, until I found out about Desktop Remote, for Google Play Music. It uses a "wrapped" web Play Music interface so your phone can control the music playing on your desktop PC.

I've been using this today and I can say it works really well. Much like Radiant Player for macOS or the official Chrome extension, it controls the function keys so the play/pause/skip buttons work for Play Music. The remote control feature is almost instantaneous - the app can play and pause music, skip tracks, scrub forward or backwards, and switch shuffle or repeat on/off.

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