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Google Play Music family plan and Google Play family library come to 9 more countries


Over the weekend, many of you tipped us telling us you were surprised when you launched Google Play Music and noticed a banner saying you're now eligible for the family plan and that also gives you access to the Google Play family library.

According to Google's support pages and the tips we've received, it looks like the countries that now have access to both features are these 9:

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Google Home team is investigating issues with playing uploaded and purchased music

Last month, Google Home got a feature many users had been longing for since launch: the ability to play songs uploaded to or purchased from Google Play Music. Before that, you could only play songs in Google's catalog, which is kind of useless if you're not a subscriber. Unfortunately, it seems that users are experiencing mixed success with the new feature and Google is now investigating the problems.

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Google confirms that YouTube Red and Google Play Music will merge

Google has a tendency to create multiple products that end up competing with each other, to some degree. Android and Chrome OS, Google's handful of messaging clients, the list goes on. But two of Google's subscription services, YouTube Red and Google Play Music, will soon merge into one offering.

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New Release Radio on Google Play Music gives you a customized daily mix of the latest releases

Following an early access test for the Galaxy S8, Google has now released a new station for users of Google Play Music: New Release Radio. It's a daily mix of recently-released music based on your own tastes. Whatever you are into, each day you'll be able to check out the latest songs by your favorite artists. 

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[Update: Fix Released] Latest Google Play Music v7.9.4920 is crashing on launch for a lot of users

Google Play Music rolled out a new version of its app several hours ago that seems to bring a big bug in tow: many users are reporting that the app is crashing on launch so they can't listen to their music or use it at all.

The culprit version is 7.9.4920 and based on the reviews being left on the Play Store, the issue isn't limited to just a few users.

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Google Play Music v7.9 adds search history and notification channels for Android O [APK Download + Teardown]

There's a new version of Google Play Music rolling out to users this afternoon, but the changes aren't terribly noticeable if you aren't looking for them. Hidden away in the Settings screen is a shortcut to view your music search history, and buried away in the system settings is a set of new notification channels so you can customize just how much Play Music interrupts you. A teardown also suggests audiophiles can look forward to some even more precise sounds coming from some tracks in the future.

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Not just you: Google Play Music isn't behaving in Android Auto for some

A decent number of folk are flocking to Google's Product Forums after experiencing problems with Google Play Music on Android Auto. The issue doesn't seem to be confined to any one car, manufacturer, or phone, and it manifests itself via an error message when attempting to play music from Google's service. Restarting the phone fixes the problem temporarily, but users report they have to do this every time they want to use Android Auto for Play Music to work correctly.

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Google is now offering four free months of Google Play Music for new subscribers

Right now it looks like Google is running a special offer for Google Play Music. New subscribers that sign up here can get four free months of service instead of the usual three. No telling how long this offer might last, so if you have been considering subscribing, now might be the time to do it. It could save you an extra $10. Again, this particular offer is only for new subscribers.

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Google Play Music launches in India with monthly subscription starting at Rs. 89

It's been years in the making, but Google Play Music has landed in the country with one of the largest Android user bases in the world: India. Users have been sending us tips about it for the past couple of hours after seeing the banner for Play Music in the Play Store, but there's no official word just yet aside from the addition of India to the list of countries Play Music is available in on the Google Play help page.

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Play Music v7.5 adds quality settings for music streamed over Wi-Fi or downloaded for offline playback [APK Download]

The early versions of Google Play Music earned a dubious reputation at launch for aggressively eating through cellular data in the name of providing the "highest quality" sound. After a few optimizations and an option to control audio quality on mobile connections, the situation got much better. However, being more responsible with cellular data alone wasn't very helpful to users with capped home Internet service or slow Wi-Fi. The latest update to the app aims to fix that with new settings to control audio quality when streaming over Wi-Fi or downloading music for offline playback.

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