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Play Music v6.0.1995S Adds Gapless Playback To Chromecast, Continues Playing When Casters Leave, And May Soon Offer Subscription Gifting [APK Teardown + Download]

In a rare twist, Google was quick to update a changelog on the Play Store, and this one is definitely worth it. Some big improvements have been made to the Chromecast (Google Cast) support in the latest update to Play Music, including some stability improvements, gapless playback, and continuous playback after a caster leaves the area. On top of that, a look inside turned up evidence that Google may soon allow users to "gift" subscriptions to other people. If you just can't wait to get the goods, we've got a download link at the bottom.

What's New

It's highly unusual, but a changelog was posted right away with the release of the latest update.

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[Deal Alert] More Free Music Up For Grabs On Google Play - This Time 'Play: Latin Vibes' And '1000 Forms Of Fear' By Sia

Good news for those of you who love free stuff! Google is giving away some more albums on Google Play Music today. The two that are available are of completely different genres but share the same sweet price of nothing.

The first album is Play: Latin Vibes and features ten Latin songs by ten different artists including Ricky Martin. I listened to the first few songs, and I think it's a sweet mix that would be great to listen to while lounging poolside at a resort. Or, while basking in the flickering florescent lights of your cubicle while you eat a burrito from Chipotle.

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Google Play Music And Play Music All Access Make Their Way Over To Japan

Hey there, people who live in the Land of the Rising Sun, who end their day when we're about to start ours, and who have brought plenty of appreciated contributions to our modern lives, like sushi and mangas. Now is your time to receive a small export of Western society, in the form of Google Play Music access.

Both support pages for Google Play's paid purchases and country availability for apps and digital content have received a recent update to add Japan to their lists. This means that Android users in Japan should either already or soon have access to Play Music and Play Music All Access so they can individually purchase songs and albums or pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to thousands of tunes. Ongaku tanoshindene!*

*Blame Yahoo!

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[Deal Alert] Get The Very Best Of R&B Singer Ciara For Free On Google Play Music

Playlist: The Very Best of Ciara is currently available for free on Google Play. The album contains fourteen tracks of contemporary R&B from the 2000s, all by—you guessed it—Ciara.

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Some Google Play Music Users Are Reporting Chromecast Streaming Errors, Google's Working On It

If you use Google Play Music on your Chromecast on a regular basis, you may have noticed a few issues lately. According to this Google support forum thread, casting Play Music to a nearby Chromecast has been broken for about three weeks for at least some users. Once the music playback begins on the television it reports an error shortly thereafter. Multiple users began reporting the same problem and similar issues.

It doesn't seem to be universal - trying out the casting feature in Google Play Music on my Nexus 6 and SHIELD TV doesn't appear to be broken - but enough people are experiencing it that it's beginning to gain notice.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Free Classical Yo-Yo Ma Album On The Google Play Store

Another week, another free music album on Google Play. This time it's something a little more contemplative: a classical instrumental album from Yo-Yo Ma, probably the best-known concert cellist on the planet. You can grab The Sound of Yo-Yo Ma, which incidentally is exclusive to Google Play Music, for free right now. The deal is available in the United States and probably a few other places, though we can't be sure exactly where it is and isn't valid.

Yo-Yo Ma was born in Paris, and his family moved to New York City when he was five years old. His talent for the cello and other instruments earned him a place at the prestigious Julliard School.

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[Deal Alert] Jaime Lawson's Self-Titled Album Is Free To Pre-Order On Google Play, X From Ed Sheeran Is Just 99 Cents

Tonight the Google Play Store is giving US customers a lesson in delayed gratification. Would you rather have a free album of music in about two months, or a cheap album right now? That's the choice being presented between the self-titled Jaime Lawson and Ed Sheeran's X: the former is available for free if you pre-order it, and the latter is just a dollar, but all the songs are available right now. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from taking both of them.


Both artists are from the United Kingdom - according to his Wikipedia page, Lawson was recently signed to Sheeran's label, Gingerbread (which may have something to do with the discounts).

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Google Play Music v6.0.1950S Fixes The SD Card Cached Music Removal Bug [APK Download]

Google Play Music has seen its fair share of bugs in the spotlight over the past few weeks, including the web app's failure to stream All Access songs on multiple browsers (and its subsequent fix) and the weird reported bug of cached music being wiped from Android devices when SD card storage had been enabled. The latter's fix has rolled out with the latest update to the Android app.

Previously, users who had downloaded some Play Music songs for offline playback and toggled the app's setting switch to use SD card storage found that their tunes disappeared when the phone was rebooted or the card was removed and reinserted.

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[Update: It's Fixed] Google Play Music All Access Web App Is Not Working In Firefox, Internet Explorer, Or Safari On Desktops

As of this morning, most users are finding it back up and running normally

Starting early in the AM on July 14th, reports started coming in that Firefox and Safari can both use the web app again. IE users should be good to go, too. My own testing confirms this as well. Happy listening!

With no obvious cause, numerous subscribers to Google Play Music All Access have suddenly found that just about any non-Chrome browser cannot use the web app to stream songs.

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[Deal Alert] Grab The Album 'Nina Revisited: A Tribute To Nina Simone' For Free On The Google Play Store

Every so often the Google Play Store makes previously paid movies, TV shows, and music albums free for a limited time - add them to your account during this window and you can keep them forever. The latest album to get this treatment is Nina Revisited, a compilation of songs honoring pioneering African American singer Nina Simone. Her career spanned five decades, and her style mixed jazz, American standards, pop, and gospel, making her one of the most unique vocalists of her era. She was also a prominent member of the Civil Rights movement.


The album is almost entirely comprised of covers of Simone's songs from contemporary artists like Lauryn Hill, Common, Usher, Mary J.

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