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Google Play Music Gets Redesigned Search Bar To Match Other Google Apps, No Update Required


The Latest Version Of Google Play Music Adds Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down To The Notification Controls [APK Download]

Google Play's branded Music app has had Pandora-style thumbs up and thumbs down controls, applicable to your local and cloud music as well as streaming radio stations, for quite a while. But they're not all that easy to get to: aside from the "now playing" screen and the homescreen widget, the functionality isn't all that obvious. The latest update to the app puts those recommendation tools front and center, right on the notification and lockscreen controls.

We're actually looking at two Google Play Music updates here: version 6.2.2220U.2476962 and the slightly newer 6.2.2221U.2480853. Both of them are nearly identical with one notable exception.

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Hands-On With Google Play Music's Family Plan – Trusting Relatives With Shared Music And Shared Payment Methods

Google announced family plans for Play Music (and YouTube Red) back in September alongside this year's Nexus lineup. The very competitively priced group subscription was made official yesterday and can be activated through the Play Music app. As it turns out, this isn't just a regular standalone subscription, but it's actually part of Google's new Family Groups that will ultimately bring app and media sharing to the Play Store.

Yes, sharing your music subscription means you're also sharing a credit card.

A pair of APK Teardowns from both the store and Play services gave away most of the details about how this system will eventually work.
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Google Play Music Family Plans Launch In The US, UK, Canada, And Three Other Countries — YouTube Red Included

It's official. Google has announced that Play Music family plans are arriving in the coming days in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US. They will let account holders share music with up to five other family members for a cost of $15 a month.

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Google Play Music Blasts Its Tunes To South Africa And Serbia

Google Play Music is a great way to listen to tunes from artists you love, whether it's by purchasing albums and tracks individually or subscribing to unlimited monthly streaming. It is, however, limited by the number of countries it's available in.

Today marks its arrival in two new countries in opposite hemispheres of this planet: South Africa and Serbia. Residents in both countries can now buy albums and tracks in their regular currencies and subscribe to GPM Unlimited ($4.99 in Serbia and R49.99 in South Africa) with two free months offered up front so they can see if the service fits them or not.

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[Bug Watch] Some YouTube Music Key Beta Users Lost Access To Google Play Music Last Week, But Not YouTube Red—Google Says The Issue Is Fixed And Should Work In 24 Hours

Before YouTube Red launched at the end of October, a number of folks signed up to take part in the YouTube Music Key beta. Starting last week, a number of them have been getting hit by a particularly frustrating bug. They've been switched to YouTube Red, but they've lost access to their Google Play Music subscriptions. To make matters worse, YouTube Red charged them $7.99 as though everything were in working order.

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[Available All Around The World] You Can Now Redeem 3 Months Of Spotify Premium On All Chromecasts

It's Black Friday, and deals are popping up everywhere like crazy. The Nexus 9 saw its price slashed by a whopping $200 and the brand-new Nexus 5X is being sold at just $299 on the Google Store and B&H. But while those deals are definitely great and all, nothing beats free.

If you own a Chromecast, free is exactly what you can get. Right now, you can redeem 90 days of Spotify Premium for precisely zero dollars and zero cents. We're not entirely sure in which countries this offer applies, since Google only mentions the US, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia in their support page, but I can definitely confirm that it also works in Portugal, so there's a very good chance you'll be able to redeem it in many of the almost 60 countries where Spotify is available.

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Play Music v6.1 Adds Auto-Offline Music Caching, Prepares For Family Plans And Android Wear With Speakers [APK Teardown + Download]

With all of the activity surrounding YouTube Red, including a brand new YouTube Music app, it seems like a good time for a Play Music update. Version 6.1 just landed and aside from a mysterious new "Auto-offline" feature and a bit of cleanup in the Settings screen, it looks like a pretty typical bug fix release. However, the teardown tells a different story. It looks like this version also brings support for the recently announced family plans and Android Wear speaker support. As usual, we've also got a download link at the bottom if you can't wait for the apk to roll out to your account.

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Podcasts Are Coming To Google Play Music Soon, Podcasters Can Start Uploading Now

Podcasts have been a major part of mobile platforms for years, but Android has never had a native podcast listening experience... until now. Google has just announced podcast support in Play Music, and podcasters can start uploading shows to Google for approval right now. You won't be able to start listening right away, though.

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[Deal Alert] Mystery Album Free On Google Play Music (US Only)

As a lover of a good bargain, I write a fair number of deal alert articles for AP. Recently, I have seen a few readers complain in the comments that they are tired of these pieces. But you know what, those readers are in the minority. Most of the feedback I receive is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I've been told that the articles I write are of a quality you wouldn't get from any other guy.

Sorry to gush, but I just want to tell you all how I'm feeling. You readers mean everything to me. I promise that I won't ever post a lousy deal, because that would be a lie, and it might hurt you.

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