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Google Play Music Gifts Come To Brazil, Mexico, And Switzerland

Of all the countries that get to enjoy Google Play Music access, only a select few have support for Play Music gifts. That means that there's a limited number of users who can send each other the gift of music, but that number is getting a bit larger now: Brazil, Mexico, and Switzerland have been added to the list of countries with access to Music gifts.

They join Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States in letting users purchase music subscriptions for their friends, family members, or maybe distant acquaintances (we won't judge). Prices are the same for a gifted subscription as a personally purchased one, but at least you can now get others hooked on the service even if they were reticent to try it out in the first place.

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Google Begins Rolling Out Option To Give Play Music Gift Subscriptions In Select Countries

Yesterday a reference to something called "music gifts" appeared on a Google Play support page. Now a separate page has popped up that fleshes out precisely what this feature is, something Cody came across in a recent Play Music teardown just under a month ago.

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Reference To "Music Gifts" Appears On Play Store Support Page For Gift Cards - What Could They Be?

A reference to something called "music gifts" has appeared on the Google Play support page for Play gift cards today, and we frankly have no information at this point suggesting what they could be. The support entry, below, doesn't really provide any information, so we're left to speculate.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 at 3.03.19 PM

Could this be an upcoming way to gift albums or songs to people on Play Music? Or perhaps a way to gift Play Music All Access subscriptions themselves (that seems more likely to me)? We can't be sure, though the fact that this text appears at all is probably a sign Google is planning on announcing these "music gifts" relatively soon.

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