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Google Play Movies adds support for DC Universe, Epix Now, and Pluto TV

One of the good things about Google Play Movies is that if you have a whole bunch of OTT apps or streaming subscriptions, the app will actually link you to those services if the shows you're looking for are available there. Three new services are now being recognized: DC Universe, Epix Now, and Pluto TV. But those services won't be prompted for everyone at the same time.

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Google Play Movies celebrates Black icons and movements with new collection, including several freebies

In light of the myriad protests honoring the death of George Floyd, one of many Black people killed in police custody, Google is showcasing a selection of movies and documentaries about Black icons as well as the abolitionist and rights movements. Some of them are being offered on deep discount, if not for free.

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Google Play Movies will support HDR10+ content soon

Google Play Movies is still one of the best ways to purchase movies and TV shows online, thanks to its integration with YouTube purchases and support for Movies Anywhere. However, the service has been slow to adopt new technology. HDR compatibility didn't start rolling out until 2017, and support for the HDR10+ standard (which was created in 2017) is still missing — but not for much longer.

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Netflix and Disney+ content now appears in the Google Play Movies app

Netflix has been one of the largest movie and TV streaming services available since pivoting from its DVD-rental model in 2007. Despite mass popularity throughout the greater half of this decade, Netflix has managed to completely avoid integrating with the Google Play Movies app — at least, that was until now. We have confirmed that Play Movies can finally search for content exclusive to Netflix, as well as the brand new Disney+ streaming service.

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Google kills Play Movies & TV app for Daydream

Google hasn't talked about its Daydream VR platform much lately, but it still exists and works with phones like the Pixel 3. Daydream has never had extensive app support, and there's one less Google app available today. Google has quietly retired the Play Movies & TV app for Daydream.

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6 of our favorite tech deals this week: Pixel and Moto phones, dirt-cheap 4K movies, and more

It's understandable for mobile tech enthusiasts to be suffering from a bit of an attention-span issue right now. After all, we're just a little over a week away from the start of Mobile World Congress 2019, one of the biggest new-product expos of the year. With all those fresh hot devices waiting in the wings, how are we to focus on anything else? Somehow, though, we're managing to keep at least some attention on the present, and over the past week we've covered a lot of tempting deals — here are some of the best that are still active:

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Man of Steel, Matrix, The Shining, and more are $5 from Google Play Movies

If you're looking to build up your collection of digital movies, Google Play has a few discounted titles right now. The majority of the on-sale movies are just $5, a $10 reduction from the usual price, while others are $6-11. There's a good mix of old and new titles, so there's something for everyone.

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Google Play Movies v4.9 includes several subtle UI tweaks and prepares Watchlist price comparisons [APK Teardown]

While most of Google's core apps have gone through some pretty monumental changes in their adoption of Google's Material Theme, many of the other apps have been slower to take on a new look. In some cases, like the latest Play Movies & TV app, the changes are also much gentler, spanning over the course of a few versions.

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[Update: Added sorting] Google Play Movies v4.8 prepares to enable 4K upgrades, likely making them free [APK Teardown]

Google added 4K movies to its library back in late 2016, following the launch of the Chromecast Ultra. Since then, many people — myself included — came to realize that there was one big oversight: It's not possible to upgrade your existing HD movies to 4K. There was no upgrade pricing or even an option to remove a movie from your account and then purchase it again in 4K at full price. As it turns out, that issue will be rectified soon: Google is bringing upgrades to Play Movies, and it looks like they will be free.

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Google Play Store shows you the streaming apps that have the movie or show you're searching for

It used to be that the TV show you wanted to watch was on one of a few cable channels and the movies were available as physical rentals from your neighborhood video store. Nowadays, with streaming services popping left and right, you hear about a new show and have no idea where to watch it. Is it on Hulu? Or HBO? Or Amazon Prime? Or the network's own service only? Google took a step to alleviate that in March when it started displaying the streaming services any show or movie is available on after you search for them in Google Play Movies.

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