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Play Movies & TV v3.28 relocates movie trailers and adds language information to TV shows [APK Teardown]

After Google's event finished yesterday, a stream of app updates began rolling out. Among them, Play Movies and TV saw a relatively simple update, but it has a couple of changes that are worth pointing out. The thumbnails for movie trailers are gone, but you can still watch them by tapping on the cover art. Also, TV shows now include the language of captions and audio tracks. A teardown also shows there may be something happening with Disney Movies Anywhere.

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HDR is live in Google Play Movies & TV, but only for the Chromecast Ultra

We knew this was coming from a teardown a while back, but it's finally here. Now you can watch supported content from Google Play Movies & TV in glorious HDR. At least, if you have a Chromecast Ultra and a compatible television. 

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[Deal Alert] A Stork's Journey is currently free on Google Play Movies & TV

The holiday weekend may have come and gone already, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a free movie by yourself, with your kiddos, or with whomever else you want. A Stork's Journey, a film that hasn't even hit theaters yet in the U.S., is up for grabs over on Google Play Movies & TV. Just tap the "Add to Library" button and you'll be good to go.

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