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Google Play Games' new friend list lets you play with others and compare achievements

Play Games' turn-based multiplayer capabilities were only shut down a few days ago, but Google is adding a set of new social features to the app instead. As we already suspected due to some strings found in Play Games' source code, a server-side update has brought a new social section with a friends list to the app, making it easier to compare your achievements and which games you play.

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New social gaming Play Together feature spotted in Google Play Games teardown

You'd be forgiven if you're among the many that forgot the Google Play Games app even exists, but here's a reminder. Better, details surrounding a new "Play Together" social feature have been spotted in a recent teardown, and they could add enough new functionality to make the app worth remembering, too.

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Google Play Games will shutter its multiplayer services next year, leaving some older games to die

Back in the not-quite-dark-ages of Android, new services and APIs were launching seemingly every other week as Google and Apple engaged in an aggressive land grab to acquire users and tempt developers. Gaming became a popular battleground, and Google was investing in new features for Play Games like an API that gave developers the infrastructure to run real-time and turn-based multiplayer games for free. However, like many other older Play Games APIs, Google will be shutting this one down in about six months and it may render some older games unplayable.

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Google Play Games v5.11 brings redesigned game icons and prepares a new hidden mini-game [APK Teardown]

The Play Games app is riding high with a series of recent changes and still a few more things to come. The latest update doesn't bring any revolutionary changes, but it does change the icons adorning the built-in games so they can all share a uniform style. Buried within the APK are also signs that a new easter egg is in the works that will probably launch another new mini-game.

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Google Play Games still doesn't work with Family Link

Google Family Link, a way for parents to create supervised/limited accounts for their children, has been slowly rolling out to more regions over the past year. It's largely feature-complete at this point, but there's still one pressing issue - it doesn't work with Google Play Games at all. Child accounts are unable to log into Play Games, which prevents many titles from saving progress - and some from working at all.

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Google Play Games v5.6 may add ability to delete select game data from Play Games servers [APK Teardown]

Personal privacy is and probably always will be a difficult topic now that a digital lifestyle has become indelibly linked to our culture. It's not enough to stop using a service, we should be able to have data deleted from the servers just in case a hacker manages to gain access. Google Play Games has long offered the ability to erase entire profiles, which includes the Gamer ID, XP, scores, and any other data saved to its servers. Now there's text suggesting we'll get the ability to be picky and wipe individual games from the record while leaving everything else intact.

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Google Play Instant lets you tap and play games—no download and install needed

It's coming up on two years now since Google first introduced the idea of Android Instant Apps. Instead of users having to download and install a full app prior to using it, Instant Apps allowed developers to give users a way to jump right into app screens and start interacting with them, as easily as if they'd clicked a link to a webpage. Not only did that let you get things done faster, but also served as some smart advertising for devs; if a user liked what they saw with Instant Apps, they might consider downloading and installing the full thing.

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Google Play Games v5.5 adds Arcade tab to help you find your next game [APK Download]

When an update to Play Games v5.3 came out with a redesigned look back in November, it was missing one big element: Discovery. Users could check out their achievements, browse games they own, and even play some brand new mini-games, but there was barely anything in the app to help you find new games. With the release of v5.5, there's a brand new "Arcade" tab dedicated to just that.

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Play Games v5.3 comes with a whole new look and three new mini-games [APK Download]

Updates to the Play Games app aren't as free flowing as they are for many of Google's other apps, but they often do bring pretty big changes or additions. The latest version bump gives Play Games a huge visual makeover that looks cleaner and puts installed games front and center. There are also three included mini-games to play if you get bored and don't have something else installed yet.

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Play Games v5.2 adds several notification channels, adaptive icons, and support for app data backup [APK Download]

We don't hear too much about Play Games anymore, which may seem pretty obvious since the updates have been very slow lately and Google recently announced plans to shutter some of the features that weren't seeing much adoption. However, a new version began rolling out today, and it makes a surprisingly large jump straight from v3.9 to v5.2. Don't get too excited for big changes, though; this update appears to be focused on upkeep and incorporating some of the features added with Android Marshmallow and Nougat, not any major new additions.

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