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Google Is Giving Up On Selling Android Tablets To Schools Under Google Play For Education, Will Focus On Chromebooks Instead

Google is winding down its Google Play for Education program. The company has confirmed to a news outlet or two that it will stop selling licenses to partner tablet vendors on March 14th.

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Google Play For Education Invades Canada Using Android Tablets, Goes Straight For The Children

Get them while they're young. When it comes to securing longtime customers, one of the best moves tech companies can make is to get children accustomed to their products while they're going through school. That's not to say that everything is self-interested. In today's world, children benefit from getting early hands-on experience using tech to do something other than playing games.

Now Google is doing its part to make Canadian students as likely to encounter Android tablets in class as iPads. The company has announced the availability of Google Play for Education and classroom-oriented tablets north of the border. This move comes a couple months after the company expanded its initiative across the pond.

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Google Play For Education-Powered Android Tablets Are Now Available To UK Schools

Through the Google Play for Education platform, Google has brought Android tablets to schools throughout parts of the US, along with the apps teachers require to put the hardware to use in their classrooms. Now the search giant is expanding the offering to the UK, including software that caters to the country's curriculum.

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Google Adapts The Google Play For Education Platform For Use On Chromebooks

Google Play for Education is an Android thing, not a Chrome thing. But considering the fact that Chromebooks' low prices and web-connected nature make them perfect terminal PCs for schools, it makes a lot of sense to bridge that gap. Today Google has done so, making the Google Play for Education page and app delivery system work for Chrome apps, Play Store books, and other content. It should be a familiar and relatively easy way for teachers and administrators to get things done.


According to the Google Enterprise Blog, the Google Play for Education system will allow teachers to remotely install a Chrome app on an entire classroom of Chromebooks, or just one laptop.

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Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 For Schools, With Google Play For Education And Android 4.4

Diversify and fill all niches. Samsung seems to have learned its basic sciences, because they're applying a naturalist approach to the tablet market: a ton of models for consumers, new specialized versions for professionals, and now a tablet made just for the lucrative education market. Today Samsung announced a new Galaxy Tab especially for K-12 schools. It's only new in a technical sense - the hardware is clearly a black 10-inch Galaxy Tab 3.


The bigger story is the software. In addition to the integrated Google Play for Education system and NFC for easy setup in the classroom, Samsung's press release says that this Galaxy Tab will be loaded with Android 4.4.

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[New App] Official Google Play For Education Device Setup App Arrives To Assist School Administrators

Google Play for Education launched earlier this month as a curated market that distributes apps aimed at helping teachers with classroom instruction. Apps in this separate market are, naturally, both educational and kid-friendly. Another aspect of program is the ability for schools to place bulk orders for Nexus devices, and now an app is available to help school officials activate their tablets once the shipment arrives.



This app is intended solely for school administrators, helping them to set up their tablets and prepare them to access Google's educational app store. Therefore, it requires a Google Play for Education account in order to work.

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Google Play For Education Has Officially Launched, Lets Developers Easily Get Their Apps Into The Classroom

Back at Google I/O 2013, Google Play for Education was announced. This is more or less a curated app market inside of Google Play that offers apps designed specifically for the classroom setting, which works well for both developers and teachers. As of today, Google Play for Education is officially open.

If you're a developer, getting your app into GPfE is actually quite simple – just mark your app for inclusion in the Developer Console. From there, it will be reviewed for approval and assigned an appropriate grade level according to the GPfE guidelines. Once approved, you're good to go.

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Developers Can Now Mark Their Apps For "Google Play For Education" In The Play Store Developer Console

Google Play for Education is starting to come together. Last week, Google threw up an 8-minute video detailing their new initiative. Today, developers can now mark their apps for "Google Play for Education" in the Play Store Developer Console. This is how Google intends to seed their new store, which will be heavily monitored and curated, quite unlike the Play Store itself. Marking an app will place it in a queue for evaluation by a third-party network of educators. These educators will assign the apps the appropriate subject, grade level, and applicable common core standards metadata.


Google Play for Education was first unveiled during this year's Google I/O.

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[Video] Google Posts 8-Minute Crash-Course On Google Play For Education Geared At Developers

Google Play for Education, unveiled during Google I/O, is a program to get Nexus tablets into the hands of students and provide a curated app store offering content to fill those tablets with. Google released a video today aimed at the developers who may someday produce the apps that will eventually populate their store. It's also an interesting watch for educators curious about what technology may soon enter their classrooms and parents tired of their children learning on iPads (assuming their classrooms have tablets at all).

Education1 Education2

The video demos the app store in action, which should look familiar to anyone visiting this site.

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[I/O 2013] Google Announces 'Google Play For Education,' A Specifically Curated Program For Schools

For Android fans with children, it can be a bit disheartening to learn that your kids are using iPads and iPods for learning every day. While this is becoming more and more standard across the country, Google is looking to change that with its newly announced "Google Play for Education." This is exactly what it sounds like: a specially curated version of the Play Store made for educational environments. It offers curriculum-based discovery for grades K-12, which will make it easy for teachers to find apps appropriate for his or her students. The program also includes bulk-ordering of unspecified Nexus tablets (assume the Nexus 7) to round out the experience.

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