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The HTC One M8 Google Play Edition Is Live In The Play Store, Will Cost $699 [Update: Pre-Order Is A Go]

Update: According to this Google+ post, pre-orders for the phone will begin later today. There's still no word on a shipping date.

Update #2: You can now press the "Add to cart" button. The phone is currently scheduled to leave Google's warehouse in 2-3 weeks:


One of the more interesting aspects of HTC's One M8 launch is the rapid way the company is releasing the phone, with major American and Canadian carriers getting access to the device in one day or less.

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[Editorial] The Revolution That Wasn't: The "Google Play Edition" Galaxy S4 And HTC One Are Missing The Point

I have to admit, if you were to tell me one year ago today that devices like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play edition would exist as things, I'd call you a liar. And I'd probably secretly hope that they did exist, too. These handsets, or really, the idea behind them, have been the enduring dream of almost every Android enthusiast from the early days of MOTOBLUR and TouchWiz.

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