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The new Google Play Console brings developer management into the material era

Google's new Google Play Console, or the artist site previously known as the Google Play Developer Console, has been brought into the future. The console has been updated to feature an attractive new material design layout as well as the new name. It has been about a year since the last time we saw any major visual changes to the site, and it's good to see Google's keeping an eye out for their developers sense of aesthetics.

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[Heads-up, devs] Managing paid orders and payment settings will move from Google Payments to Google Play Developer Console

Paid apps are quite obviously a huge part of the Android ecosystem and in particular, the Google Play Store. Today, Google's doing a bit of reorganising to ensure that, on the developer end, paid orders and settings are the easiest and simplest they can be.

'Order Management,' which developers will know handles the paid orders for subscriptions and in-app purchases, is moving from the Google Payments Centre to the Google Play Developer Console, where most things to do with the app's Play Store entry is managed from. The payments settings - bank accounts and other such things - is also going to be available in the Developer Console, in addition to being available on,

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Google Play Developer Console app gains review notifications and filters, staged rollout controls, and more [APK Download]

The Google Play Developer Console app isn't a piece of software most of us will use. It's aimed at the folks who make the apps the rest of us download, not the other way around. But more than a few of you are developers, so you might want to check out the latest version of the app. The update brings new ways for you to find what the rest of us feel about the stuff you make.

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Google Releases Google Play Developer Console App In The Play Store

Yo dawg. Google heard you like apps, so it made an app for tracking your apps. Specifically, there's now an app version of the Google Play Developer Console. It just went live in the Play Store, but it'll really only do you any good if you develop apps.

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Google Play Developer Console Provides New Tools For Understanding User Reviews

There are multiple reasons to leave a review in the Play Store. One is to convey to other users how good or bad an app is. Another is to communicate to the developer.

Google has recently changed up the dashboard that software creators see when they sign into the Developer Console. The new page shows how ratings have changed over the course of days, weeks, and months (pictured above). This overview makes it easy to see if the release of a new update has any effect on user impressions. Developers can also break down ratings by location, language, and other variables.

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Data From The Google Play Developer Console Can Now Be Exported For Custom Analysis

Running a good business requires an intimate knowledge of anything and everything that affects its operation. This means keeping track of numbers, reports, and any other data that can possibly be accumulated. Distributing apps on the Play Store is no different. Developers need to know if users are leaving bad reviews, if their apps are crashing, or if the install numbers suddenly rise. While the Play Store does tracks these things and more, many companies have more specific needs. Google is now allowing developers to export this data so it can be analyzed and re-used in many different ways.


Data is available in an assortment of reports for subjects ranging from financial details to crash records.

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