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Google Opinion Rewards is now available in Taiwan

After a lot of controversy over disappearing credit, Google has finally started rectifying the situation by being more transparent about when your earned credit via Opinion Rewards expires. Putting that behind it, the company is ready to expand the paid surveys's availability to another market: Taiwan.

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Google Opinion Rewards now tells you when your credits will expire

For years, Google Opinion Rewards has given out Play Store credit in exchange for answering targeted surveys. Google recently started enforcing the 1-year expiration date for credit earned through Opinion Rewards, and after the resulting outcry, the company promised to make the expiration dates more clear in a future update.

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Use Google Pay with Visa in the UK and win up to £50 or Home Mini, Aussies can win a golden KFC bucket (no joke)

Google is always keen to encourage more people to use its contactless payment service, which often means enticing promotions for us to make the most of. The latest such opportunity in the UK offers up to £50 in Google Play credit or the chance to win a Google Home Mini.

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Google is sending $5 Play credits to some users prematurely invited to Google One

The rollout of Google One was complicated. The service was announced and the app made available for download in May. Emails went out saying that the service was available to everyone in the US in the middle of August, but that still wasn't the case by the end of the month. Now, Google is trying to make amends by sending some users affected by the messy launch $5 Google Play credits.

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[Free Alert] Google is giving away free $1 Google Play credits to select accounts yet again

About two weeks ago, Google handed out free $1 Google Play credits to select accounts. The distribution was pretty random; the credits didn't seem to be going to any specific demographic of users. If you didn't get the credit last time (or even if you did), you're now getting another opportunity for a free dollar of it.

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[Free Alert] Google is handing out free $1 Google Play credits to select accounts

Everyone likes free things, right? If you are one of the many billions of people who do, you should enjoy this Deal Alert, which I have dubbed "Free Alert." Google is giving free $1 Play credit, which can be used anywhere on the Google Play Store, to select users.

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[Deal Alert] Buy a Daydream View from the Google Store and get $25 of Google Play credit

VR is not everyone's cup of tea yet and that's understandable. Great headsets cost a lot of money and require a powerful computer setup, and affordable headsets have a lot of limitations and don't really provide a good-enough reason to use them once the novelty wears off. But Google's Daydream View is one of the most decent options in the latter category and it's about to get better once Daydream 2.0 rolls around and casting capabilities let you share your experiences with friends and people around you.

If you want to get ready for that and need a little incentive, the Google Store has a nice deal on the Daydream View headset.

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Sending Google Play credit gifts seems to have quietly vanished from the Play Store

Google added an interesting option for gift giving occasions to the Play Store in late 2015—electronic Google Play gift cards. This feature has been available in the deep recesses of the Play Store ever since... until recently when it seems to have disappeared. Google support is confirming to people it pulled the feature.

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[Update: FreeCharge too] Google Play credit can now be bought using Paytm in India

Carrier billing, a process whereby paying for things on Google Play out of the monthly bill from your phone carrier, is a process that is getting infinitely more popular as time goes on. Indian prepaid mobile recharge company Paytm is now offering a slightly different spin on the concept, by allowing a user to buy, or 'recharge' Google Play credit through their Paytm account.

The way this works is pretty simple.

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[Update: Promotion Is Live!] Google Promo Offers $20 Play Store Credit For Chromecasts Bought From Dec. 13th Till Jan. 2nd

Picture this: a new Chromecast, which is faster and generally better than the old Chromecast, and which costs $35. Now picture it essentially costing $15 if you at all regularly spend money on Google Play. That's basically today's new Chromecast Offer, which you can redeem if you buy a Chromecast and activate it starting two days from now, December 13th. So, if you're planning on some Chromecast stocking stuffers, do not forget to let your giftees know that you're extra-awesome and got them this super-sweet, super-exclusive $20 Google Play credit deal on their new dongle, because you're awesome like that.

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