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Google Photos v1.3 Lets You Reorder Album Photos, Trim Videos, Sign In As A Google+ Page, And More [APK Download]

A new feature here. A little tweak there. That's the way we like our Google Photos updates. The latest, version 1.3, brings in a bit of both. Let's get to it.

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Google Photos Now Lets You Manually Edit Timestamps And Reorder Album Photos On The Web

Even though its editing options are still limited, Google Photos' decoupling from Google+ has had a positive influence on the service and its development so far. The latest update that made its way through tackles the web interface at and adds a few needed features.

First is the ability to manually edit the timestamp on a photo. A new edit button shows up when you hover over the timestamp on a photo's info and lets you change the date and time the pic was taken at, in case your phone or camera wasn't appropriately set and the photo was stamped inaccurately.

Second is the option to reorder photos in an album.

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Google+ v6.1 Begins Removal Of Photos Functionality And Prepares For Android M's Permission Model [APK Download]

We rarely talk about apps losing features, but that's what has happened to Google+ today, but it's not such a bad thing. The latest update to v6.1 has started rolling out to users and it finally removes access to the Google+ Photos functionality that remained after the introduction of Google Photos at I/O 2015. A previous update warned users that the Google+ Photos functionality wasn't long for this world back in June, and about a month later Google officially announced it would be shut down on August 1st.

It may be a little behind schedule, but we all knew this update would be coming soon.

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Google Photos v1.2 Lets You Easily Add Photos To Albums, Set Album Covers, And Create Photo Descriptions [APK Download]

Google Photos version 1.1 didn't come with much in the way of changes, and the tradition looks like it's holding true for 1.2 as well. But hey, sometimes we like minor tweaks just as much. So let's go over them, and then you can rush to grab the APK.

What's New

For starters, there's the ability to easily add individual photos to albums from the drop-down menu. Here's a before and after shot.

Photos4 Photos5

Left: Old, Right: New

And when you're inside of an album, you also have the option to set an image as the album cover.

Photos1 Photos2 Photos3

There's no logic to this untitled album.

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Google+ Photos Will Shut Down August 1st To Complete Transition To New Google Photos

You won't be able to stubbornly cling to the old Google+ Photos much longer (assuming people are doing that). The official Google+ account has confirmed that August 1st is the shutdown date for Google+ Photos. It won't be a huge adjustment for most users—the new Google Photos already has all your stuff stored and organized.

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[Update: Fixed] Google Photos Users Complain Of An Invisible Data Cap For 'Unlimited' Photo Uploads

The new unlimited upload function in Google Photos is undeniably generous. But the old saying that your mother taught you, "if something seems too good to be true, it probably is," would seem to be in effect. Android Police has received reports from multiple users that photo uploads from the desktop and various mobile apps have hard data restrictions, suddenly cutting out in the middle of the upload process after users pass an unspecified data threshold.

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Google+ v5.8 Declares Its Built-In Photos App Is Going Away, Directs Users To The New Photos App

The standalone Photos app was released to the public during last month's Google I/O conference, finally completing the separation with Google+ as rumors (and facts) had long suggested. While the new Photos app was widely accepted as an improvement in many ways, it also lacked many of the enhanced editing features that had made the old version so useful. Unfortunately, installing the standalone Photos app effectively hid access to the version built into Google+. That was probably a pretty good sign about what was to come. With the latest update to Google+, users who have stuck to the old version will be warned that it is not long for this world.

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Google Photos Bumped To v1.1, But It Looks Like A Minor Tweak And Bug Fix Update [APK Download]

Google released the new Photos app at Google I/O a few weeks back, and this is the first significant version number change it has experienced since then. There doesn't seem to be much on the surface to justify the jump to v1.1. You can still grab the APK and install it now, though.

2015-06-17 11.50.49

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The New Photos App Will Offer To Clean Up Your Device Storage When You Run Low

Google is very into this whole cloud thing, so much so that it's offering unlimited storage of high-quality images and video as part of the new Photos. If you've got all your stuff online, do you really need it locally? The new Photos app doesn't think so, and it can help you save some space.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-16-42 Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-16-55 Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-17-10

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[APK Teardown] Drive 2.2 Prepares To Replace Google+ For Photo Backup And Introduce Chromecast Support For Audio And Video

A couple of days ago, Google Drive made news with an update that introduced a new, intuitive Drag & Drop implementation for easier file management. While that appeared to be the only significant change, a look under the hood revealed not only that the Drive team is about to fulfill one of the most often requested features, but it also answered one of the many questions about the fate of Google+ Photos after the split.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong. Even in the most cut and dried examples, there is always a chance that details may change or plans may be cancelled prior to the launch of a new feature.
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