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Walgreens and Google Photos may be teaming up soon to offer same-day prints

Google Photos has always been one of the best options for storing photos digitally, but sometimes you just want a nice, old-fashioned, physical copy of a shot. Last year, Google Photos added the ability to order prints from CVS and Walmart. Now it looks like Walgreens is soon to join the list of places offering same-day Google Photos printing.

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Google got rid of its obnoxious App Preview Messages

There may be effective ways to convince people to use an app, but it seems that Google's App Preview Messages were not one of them. The program, which notified Android users when someone is trying to communicate with an app they haven't installed, is officially deprecated, having never left its early access stage in the 4 years it has existed.

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Redesigned Google Photos editor is in the works

Google appears to be revising the user interface for its editor in Photos, relying less on iconography and more on text. The work-in-progress was first discovered by software blogger Jane Manchun Wong and may be available in testing to select users.

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Canon cameras can now back up original quality images directly to Google Photos over Wi-Fi

Ask any pro photographer and almost all of them will say the thing they wish their cameras would do is automatically upload photos to a preferred cloud storage service just like their phones. It's not a lofty request, but few camera manufacturers have done anything to make this task a reality. However, after Canon gave up on its Irista cloud storage service earlier this year, it launched a new project called This isn't really meant to be a storage service, at least not for the long term, but its job is to shuttle photos from your camera to another cloud service for safe keeping.

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Chromecasts and Nest displays will soon show date and location of pictures in Google Photos slideshows

Call it a quality-of-life update or maybe even a "quality-of-memory" update: Google will soon begin listing dates and locations of users' own pictures if they have turned on Google Photos slideshows for their Nest displays and/or Chromecast screens. Display and Chromecast owners were emailed about the change which begins rolling out September 15.

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It's now faster to send pics from Google Photos albums in other apps (APK download)

Sending images from Google Photos through other apps on your phone can be a straightforward process, just like it can be a convoluted one. If the pics are recent and still locally stored on your device, it's the former, but if they're old and you've backed them up and deleted the local version, it's the latter. A new update to Photos fixes that second scenario.

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How to hide people, pets, dates, and certain creation types in Google Photos Memories

It's been nearly a year since Google Photos added a Memories section at the top of your gallery to showcase photos you've taken around the same time but in previous years. During its launch, Google promised that to avoid painful moments, you'd be able to hide people, pets, dates, and more from showing up there, but those settings were very limited at the beginning. It isn't until the recent Photos interface update that more controls were added, and only recently, did the option to hide specific dates show up. In this tutorial, we'll look at all the different ways — new and old — you can hide and disable these highlights in the Photos app.

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Google Photos brings back the skip and rewind buttons for videos

Google's apps go through a continuous ebb and flow of features. One day a new option is added, the next it's taken away, and many years later, you might get it back. That's the case with Photos' video skip and rewind buttons. We had them in 2016, they disappeared at some point after that, and now they're back, albeit in a limited server-side rollout.

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Google Photos movie creations are now always in portrait mode for some reason

If you recently tried to create a movie via Google Photos and got a portrait only result, even though all the videos you've added were shot horizontally, you're not alone. It looks like Photos is preventing people from creating horizontal movies. The app is instead always opting for a vertical layout with black bars at the top and the bottom.

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How to transfer all of your Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos

Facebook was around four years before the first Android phone hit the market, and that means many of us have photos living there that far predate our cloud synced, smartphone-snapped photo albums in 2020. It may seem like a bit of a hassle to go in and manually download all these photos and re-upload them to something like Google Photos, but thankfully, there's a much easier way. Using Facebook’s photo and video migration tool, you can now easily copy these precious images over to Google Photos for safekeeping.

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